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Last Updated:
Friday May 21, 2004

Left Car

Year: 1984
Model: Fiero 2M4 Sport Coupe
Body: Notchback
Drivetrain: 2.5L (151ci, Iron Duke) TBI L4 Iron Block & Head, TH125C Automatic Transmission
Color Exterior/Interior: White/Light Grey
Factory Options: Light Group (Map & Trunk Lights), AM/FM Stereo with 6 Speakers, Rear Window Defrost, Tilt
Aftermarket: Sunroof, Power Trunk Release, Fog Lights, Block Heater, Chrome Steering Wheel, AM/FM/CD/MP3 Player, Pioneer 4X10 Speakers, Mud Flaps, Trim Rings
Modifications: Port Matched Head/Intake Manifold/Exhaust Manifold, Polished Head/Throttle Body, Accel 8MM Wires, Brass Cap/Rotor, Vented Hood, Removed Cat, Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Purchased: August 13, 2002.  Sold to me in November 2003.

This is the 1192nd Fiero ever made, probably the oldest on the road.  It was built on August 5, 1983.  It is a low optioned Sort Coupe, and is in very good shape, especially considering it has over 150,000 Miles.  I plan on modifying the engine on this but I also want to keep it looking stock.  Everything I do to this car, I want to be able to reverse, so I got an extra hood to make a vented hood, I am going to get another engine to build up, and everything else is bolt on.

Future Upgrades:

Engine: Bore 0.030", Flat Top Pistons, Performance Cam, 153 Crank (Maybe), Fiero Store Header, Starter Immobilizer, V6 Exhaust
Suspension: KYB Shocks & Struts or Similar, Vented Front Brakes
Body: Aftermarket Rims and Tires, Convert back to Non-Sunroof Roof, New Paint


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Right Car

Year: 1986
Model: Fiero 2M4 Coupe
Body: Notchback
Drivetrain: 2.5L (151ci, Iron Duke) TBI L4 Iron Block & Head, 5-Speed Isuzu Transmission (RPO: MT2)
Color Exterior/Interior: Dark Metallic Blue/Dark Grey & Black
Factory Options: Light Group (Map & Trunk Lights), AM/FM/Cassette Stereo with 4 Speakers, Rear Window Defrost, Tilt, Sunroof, Power Deck Lid Release, Block Heater, Trim Rings, Luggage Rack
Aftermarket: Brushed Aluminum Shift Handle, Painted Center Console and Arm Rests
Modifications: None
Purchased: December 14, 2003

This Fiero has 247XXXKM on it, and is in better shape that I thought.  I am going to fix this car up for a daily driver.  The motor needs a rebuild because it burns oil, the clutch feels good, all 6 gears work.  Because of this car, I am not going to do much more to my 1984 Fiero this winter, as most everything is completed apart from any engine work.  I am going to use my 1984 Fiero as a daily driver until I get this car on the road, then I will finish working on my 1984 Fiero.

Future Upgrades / Parts Needed:

Engine: Undecided, visit here for more information
Suspension: New suspension rubber/polyurethane, Rear Ball Joints, New Brake Pads, Park Brake Cables, New Tires
Body: Repaint, Fix Rust, Replace Drivers Side Rocker Panel and Coolant Pipe, Replace Front Spoiler and Radiator Mount, Replace Passenger Side Sail Panel, Seat Covers, Replace Steering Column


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