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1986 Pontiac Fiero Pictures

Last Updated:
Friday May 21, 2004

Here are some miscellaneous shots of my Fiero.  Click the pictures to enlarge them.

Mine (far), and my dads car (near).

Mine (near), and my dads car (far).

Mine (left), and my dads car (right).

Mine (right), and my dads car (left).

Tires and rims before, with trim ring.

Tires and rims after with center cap.

Polished decklid vent.

Original owners manual

Fiero Enthusiasts and Do it Yourself book.

First car show, after the storm.

This is a fairly rare black trunk carpet, it only came on Coupe, and Sport Coupe models without upgraded trunk lining.

This deflector was supposed to be removed in a recall that was performed on my car, I dont see why though.

Connecting rod bearing out of my Fiero.

84 & 86 with decklids up.