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1986 Fiero Engine
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I am still undecided on what I am going to do for a motor in my 1986 Fiero.  I was thinking of rebuilding the stock Duke, then installing a stock 305 carbureted Small Block Chevrolet in the future.  I recently read on the internet about the 4.9L Cadillac V8.  It does not need an install kit to mount to the transmission, and it is an all aluminum V8, so it only weighs about 50lbs more than the stock Duke.  Other things that caught my attention with the 4.9L V8, is that it has allot of torque at low RPM's, it is also fairly reliable, but I think parts might be expensive, being a Cadillac motor, and aluminum.  Whatever engine I am going to use, will be put behind the factory Isuzu transmission.  I would like a V8 for the looks and sound, so upgrading is not much of a concern for me.  I don't want to have lots of wiring for simplicity, which is why I am leaning towards a carbureted engine,   Other people who have used this motor in their Fiero's say they get 28MPG city (US) and 30MPG highway (US) using the $T60 4-speed automatic transmission.  I added a 4.5L Cadillac V8 option, I think it is the smaller version of the 4.9L.  Please feel free to add any suggestions that you have.

What should I do for an engine in my 1986 Fiero?

Why? Any other suggestions?