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1986 Pontiac Fiero Pictures

Last Updated:
Friday May 21, 2004

Here are some interior shots of my Fiero.  Click the pictures to enlarge them.

Interior as of April 2004.

Interior as of April 2004.

Passenger door, not stained or dirty.

The road from the drivers seat.

I replaced the interior lights with red bulbs, I use the map lights if I need to see anywhere. Missing the drivers footwell light in this picture.

This was before we started working on it.

This the old radio. This Fiero came factory equipped with an AM/FM radio, this one was added, but is an AM/FM radio, but with a casette.

This is my interior, all stock.

This is my dash, all stock apart from the upgraded radio.

Sunroof and headliner, whoever installed the sunroof did a good job!

Seats, notice the speakers in the headrests? They all work too. These are the stock seats.