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Southern White Rhinoceros in
Victorias Open Range Zoo
  • With the arrival in 1999 of four White Rhino,(1.3.), Victorias Open Range Zoo at Werribee now has the largest herd of the species in the region.
  • The zoo originally had two animals, (1.1.) and has been working for years to bring in more.
  • They presently have a poulation of seven (3.4.)
  • In the early hours of Tuesday, 25th September 2002, female Letaba gave birth to the first white rhino to be born in Victoria. The birth of the male calf was unexpected and discovered by a keeper on his early morning rounds. The calves father is Umgana

    Letaba gave birth to her second calf, another male, on November 25th 2004. This is the second calf to be born at the zoo.

The Males

  • Kapamba.Born at Emmen Zoo in the Netherlands, arrived in Australia , December 1997.
  • Umgana, a male from South Africa, father of the first calf born at Werribee.
  • Ganini, born 25th Sep. 2002. The first calf born at Werribee. He was born in the early hours of the morning in the Savanna exhibit, facing the natural elements as would have done in the wild. Ganini was named after a river in Africa which a tributary of the river Letaba, the river his mother was named after. Tawali, a second calf born to Letaba, Movember 25th 2004

The Females

  • Likwezi, approx. 15 years old. The female of Werribees original pair.
  • Letaba, arrived from South Africa October 1999. She unexpectedly gave birth to a calf on the 25th September 2002.
    She has since given birth to a second calf on November 25th 2004.
  • Make, arrived from South Africa October 1999
  • Cee Cee, arrived from South Africa October 1999.