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Southern White Rhinoceros in
Monarto Zoo
pop. September 2002. (3.5.)
  1. Monarto Zoo in South Australia has just begun its entry into the Captive Breeding Program of White Rhinoceros in the Region. It took two and a half years of planning and construction to create the Rhino Habitat. Monarto plans on bringing in other Rhino to extend the genetic pool for the species in the Region.

  2. The Zoos female is Uhura, born at Singapore Zoo in May 1996. Arrived at Monarto in December 2000.

Monarto is hosting a quarantine for a group of seven rhinos that arrived in September 2002. The four female and three male will spend 60 days here before five are sent to Western Plains. The remaining two will stay at Monarto to be part of their breeding program.

  • May 2004 - Both of the zoos females are now pregnant. Unsure when they are due.
    Monarto has also received another male, Ibutho, born at Orana Park four years ago. He will hopefully breed in about four years time.
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