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About Roofdog Fanzine

Roofdog Fanzine - a small history..

Roofdog Fanzine began in May 1999, for conversation on new bands and fans who are crazy about music.

Roofdog obtained an exclusive once, revealing the court appearance of ex-Marion vocalist Jaime Harding, beating the NME, Melody Maker, Channel 4 Teletext and various other publications by over three weeks.

ed - Karl Cremin |

I write about music when i'm not dossing around; music rocks. If you want to swap links or write for Roofdog, or if you'd like me to write some articles for you, email me. I like writing. You can find me in some other magazines if you look real hard.

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Roofdog Fanzine is an independent fanzine based in the UK and is in no way connected with any other companies, organizations or publications of the same name.

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