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Terms Of Use

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Don't worry, these are not  too complicated.  They have become quite lengthy because I'm trying to cover as many issues as I can that I deal with in emails I receive regarding violations.

You may NOT use the graphics, games, or my logo from anywhere on this site.  They are for use on this site ONLY and are copyrighted by me, unless otherwise noted, Which I will note here: Actors/Actress pictures and official site banners are copyrighted by their rightful owner and is a violation to alter them or claim them as your own, again, they are copyrighted.

If you're new to the web, and making web pages with other sites' graphics or content  - please be sure you ask for site owner permission before taking things off their site.  I know how hard it is to work for your site and try to be original and its very discouraging, not to mention annoying to see your page duplicated or part of your content copied without even your consent nor credits with a link back to my site.

I WILL NOT post banners nor links to sites with copyright violations of official sites. Some dont know the violations are being done but I will add them below and will continue to update the rules as they arise.

Known Violations:

1. Using the DAYS of Our Lives hourglass on your site as part of your decoration, banner, icon, or logo is a MAJOR Illegal violation and can lead to legal problems with NBC and their affililiations.

2.Taking content from another site and "reformatting" it to fit your site or to make it look like yours is a CYBERSPACE violation! Dont come onto my site take a page and reconstruct it and claim it as yours. Lots of people come here and have seen those pages and will know you're in violation and report you. If it comes to my attention I will send you a warning to take the offending material down and then if I have to send again I will just by-pass the 2nd warning and download your site and email it to the site hosting your page, and let them know the problem.

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Terms of Use