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Welcome to our page of Salem Weddings throughout the years. So sit down, relax, and reminise the past beautiful moments and some not so beautiful moments.

**NOTE** This page is not complete since there were many weddings throughout the years, they will be posted a little at a time.

Doug & Liz Craig/ Doug & Julie Williams/ Josh & Jessica Falcon

Alex & Renee Marshall/ Roman & Marlena Brady/ Larry & Hope Welch

Bo & Hope Brady/ Pete & Melissa Jannings/Mickey & Maggie Horton/ Roman(John) & Marlena Brady

Steve (Patch) & Kayla Johnson/ Shane & Kimberly Donovan/ Justin & Adrienne Kiriakis

Carly & Victor Kiriakis/ Jack & Jennifer Deveourox/ John & Isabella Black

Liz and Don Craig 1981
It was a simple ceremony but complicated union.Soon after Liz married lawyer Don Craig,She realized she was in love with Dr. Neil Curtis and stil married to Antony Dimeria,who came to salem and kept her a virtual hostage.Tony wanted an heir.Liz was already pregnant to Neil.

Doug and Julie Willams 1981
The second time around was twice as sweet.Doug finally stood up to his ex-wife Lee and locked her away before marching down the isle with Julie .He Sang to his bride and recited poetry.It was the romantic remarriage of two people meant to be together.

Josh and Jessica Falcon
Marie Hortons troubled daughter by Alex Marshall,Jessica,married Joshua Falcon in a spring wedding and left Salem behind.

Alex and Renee Marshall 1983
Unlucky at love,Renee Dumone wed Alex Marshall but learned he wanted her money.Soon after- Renne was mysteriously murdered.

Marlena and Roman Brady 1983
Doc married the cop.Marlena and Roman had a courtship built on danger,a wedding day be-deviled by assassins,and a married life filled with incredible adventure and love.

Larry and Hope Welch 1984
The wedding of corrupt politicial Larry Welch and Hope Willams was inturupted when Bo Brady stole her away right out of the church.When Welch's thugs got her back,threats to Bo and her family convinced her to go through with the ceremony.The marriage by manipulation was doomed.

Bo and Hope Brady 1985
Truly a match made in heaven,working-class Bo and Hope had a fairy tale ceremony in springtime England surrounded by family and friends.Beautiful Hope wore an appropriately exquisite $25,000 gown and British royality picked up the entire wedding tab.

Melissa and Pete Jannings and Mickey and Maggie Horton 1985
On Valentines Day,Melissa married Pete Jannings in a double ceremony with Mickey and Maggie,who exchanged vows for the third time since 1974

Marlena and RoJohn 1986
After being held captive,brainwashed,and transformed in apperance by Stephano Dimera,Roman was back in Salem and Marlena helped him remember his past.The Magnetic couple renewed their wedding vows,pledged their love,and joyously started over.

Steve "Patch" and Kayla Johnson 1987
After a romantic summer wedding aboard a yacht,Patch and Kayla took off for a honeymoon in the Orient that led to mystery,adventure,and danger.

Shane and Kimberly Donovan 1987
Their love conquored the baby-stealing schemes of Shane's ex-wife and his ISA partner Gillian,who was obssed with him she murdered Emma and tried to kill Kimberly.Their wedding Day was the high point of their rollercoaster romance.

Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis 1988
Torn Apart by Angelica's schemes and Victor's control over his nephew,Adrienne and Justin divorced but finally found happiness after their second marriage.

Dr. Carly and Victor Kiriakis 1991
Bo and Carly were in love,but victor became enamored of Dr. Carly Manningwhen she treated him after his stroke.With the help of Emmy Borden,who had her sights on Bo,Kiriakis mannaged to marry Carly.However,when Victor's machinations came to light,the unconsummated union was declared invalid

Jack and Jennifer Deveraux 1991
After divorcing Eve and keeping her money Jack married Jennifer.They honeymooned in Hollywood,Where Hawk,a clever con man,swindled the newlyweds out of their fourtune .Jen quickly found out that life with Jack would be one misadventure after another.

John and Isabella Black 1992
Nuptials were delayed after scheming Danielle claimed she was John's wife.When Isabella and John made it to the alter,the very beautiful very pregnant bride delivered their son,Brady Victor,in the church office minutes after becoming Mrs.Black

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