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Jack is petrified to learn that Harold is Wentworth’s son and Harold knows that Jack is worried about the safety of his secret. Harold warns Jack that he won’t allow him to pose as a happy couple with Greta and lie to his father. Meanwhile, Jennifer senses Jack’s demise and she and Brandon accept Wentworth’s invitation to stick around to watch the rehearsal of his show. Oliver is panicked about his speech and Jennifer offers to revise it for him. At the same time, Big Chauncey and Chico disguise themselves as stagehands in order to get closer to Jack and the briefcase. They block all the exits as Jack and Greta realize they’re trapped. As it looks like there’s no way out, Harold gets an idea. While Jennifer and Brandon sit and watch the beginning of the rehearsal, Jennifer is shocked to see Greta in the line of dancing girls, along with Harold and Jack - in drag! Bo and Hope wait tensely for word on Jan’s condition. The prognosis is good and Colin and Dr. Bader have given her drugs to stop the contractions. Colin’s surprised to see Bo and Hope there for Jan, and they’re forced to explain that Shawn is the father of the baby. Colin is shocked as he recalls Shawn and Jan denying that Shawn is the father. Bo suspects that Colin knows more than he’s letting on, but Colin covers. Hope pages Shawn with a message to come to the trauma center. Meanwhile, Shawn fends off Mimi and her angry accusations. He tries to get in touch with Belle to explain, but she doesn’t pick up. Shawn gets the message from Hope and arrives at the trauma center just in time to get the bad news that Jan has lost the baby. Shawn is devastated and refuses to let Bo and Hope comfort him... While the tape looms over Philip’s head, he charms Chloe, which reminds her of why she fell in love with him. Brady sees them together and is deeply upset by this. He goes home to find Caprice, who senses his hidden emotions... Belle watches the video of Cynthia/Philip that she mistakenly put in the VCR. In her imagination, the images of Philip and Cynthia morph into Shawn and Jan. Brady comes in and tries to comfort Belle. When she leaves the room for a second, Brady almost finds the video, but Belle stops him just in time.


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Jennifer and Brandon are stunned to see Greta with Jack and Harold in drag on stage, making a fiasco of the rehearsal. Jack sees Big Chauncey pull out a gun and is stricken with terror. Jack hits a dancer with the briefcase, which spurs a round of hot potato, ending as Jack, Greta, and Harold all go flying into the orchestra pit. Chauncey pulls Jack up and they struggle for possession of the briefcase. It goes flying and lands on a set piece above the stage. They scramble to retrieve it; as Jack is swinging from the set piece and it looks like he's going to be shot, Jennifer and Brandon knock out Chico and Big Chauncey! They're arrested and Jennifer is furious at Jack, who desperately tries to explain his tangled web of lies. Jennifer reveals that she knows his little secret and Jack blurts out, "I am not gay!" Unbeknownst to him, the microphone is on as his confession reverberates throughout the ballroom. Bo and Hope become even more worried about Shawn's state of mind when Doug and Julie arrive, having no luck finding Shawn anywhere. Bo goes to look for him while Doug and Julie stay to comfort Hope. She fills them in on her mysterious flashes of white and Doug comments that she and Bo have always been good at solving mysteries; they have to solve this one and find out who Isaac's father is. Meanwhile, Shawn has gone to the Church and rails at God. He tried to do the right thing, which cost him Belle, and Jan lost the baby anyway. Bo finds Shawn and tries to reason with him, but to no avail. He gives Shawn a letter from Pepperdine, but Shawn could care less. He doesn't want to go home, but Bo reminds him that they only have a short time left with JT, which convinces Shawn that he needs to be there for his little brother. Abe is stunned as he looks over the legal papers that indicate Bo and Hope's intent to sue for legal custody of Isaac. Lexie tells Abe that he is either with her or against her and storms off to talk to Rolf and Bart. Rolf suggests that it may be time for Lexie to take Isaac away to be with Stefano. Lexie refuses and tells Rolf to find another way. Meanwhile, Abe tells Isaac how much he loves him. As much as he loves Isaac though, Abe refuses to go against his morals or break the law. Lexie overhears Abe and realizes he is against her, meaning all bets are off.


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Jack's lies finally catch up with him as his plan to win back Jennifer crumbles after he admits he's not gay. Jen, Harold, and Greta are all shocked. Harold tells Jack that it is hard enough being an out gay man, and he's glad Jack is straight because he gives gay men a bad name. Wentworth is furious with Jack for lying to everyone, including himself, and withdraws the job offer, Jennifer tells him she wants him out of her life, for good and Greta gives him a well-deserved slap in the face. She tells Jack that he's hurt her more than anyone, and he's taught her it is okay to hurt friends. Brandon is flabbergasted at the way Jack has treated these women. As everyone files out of the ballroom, Jack is left alone in the spotlight, the master of his own demise. Philip announces to Kate and Victor that he's been accepted to Columbia. Victor doesn't like the idea of Philip and Chloe attending college in the same city and he tells Philip he wants him to go to Yale instead. Philip storms out and Kate's pleased that Victor is alienating Philip. She taunts Victor about his failed relationship with Nicole. After Kate leaves, Victor calls Nico and finalizes his cryptic plans to get rid of Nicole. He tells Nico to meet him at Titan tomorrow where they will get rid of Nicole once and for all. Meanwhile, Craig tells Nancy that Chloe has anemia. In her room, Chloe dreams of Brady coming through her window and almost kissing her. When she wakes, Philip is at the house to tell her his good news about Columbia. They are all thrilled when they find out Chloe has been accepted to Juilliard. However, she has to go to New York to audition for a prestigious master class. Philip is a little unnerved at Chloe's lack of excitement that they'll both be in New York. Later, Craig hides his worries from Nancy that Chloe's dreams may be dashed by a health crisis. Marlena and John are shocked to see Caprice because they weren't expecting her until later. Upstairs, Brady cheers Belle with news that her college acceptance letters arrived. Belle's ecstatic to see that she got into Columbia. However, an envelope from Malibu spoils her mood because it makes her think of Shawn. They all talk about the future, and Belle doesn't know if she can leave them all. Marlena lets Belle know that they'll support whatever decision she makes about college. Belle throws the Malibu letter into the trash without opening it, knowing she won't go there. Meanwhile, Brady alludes to his plans for change as well, but refuses to say what the change is out of fear of jinxing it.


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At Salem Place, Bo and Hope are still reeling from the judge's decision about JT. In another area, Roman talks to Caroline about Sami's state of mind. Roman fears Sami really hasn't changed as much as she'd like them to believe, and Austin found this out and called off the wedding. They both know there must've been a good reason for Austin to call off the wedding. Meanwhile, Bo tries to comfort Hope and admits that he had a mysterious flash of white, similar to the ones Hope has been experiencing. Bo thinks it's just proof of their deep connection and abiding love. They resolve to figure out what the white flashes mean and discover the identity of Isaac's father. Sami is in her apartment on pins and needles, knowing that her life is doomed if Kate and Lucas get the tape. She switches the numbers on her door with Austin's so that the tape will be delivered to her instead of Lucas and Kate. They all see the delivery guy arrive out their windows, believing the tape will soon be theirs. However, Roman is in the elevator and runs into the deliveryman with the package- and offers to take it. Mimi and Belle are volunteering at the hosipital. Meanwhile, Jan wakes up and realizes the baby is gone. She is told she can go home today, but she realizes she doesn't have a home to go home to, and without the baby, she doesn't have Shawn. Shawn arrives to visit Jan and runs into Belle and Mimi. Alone with Belle, Shawn wants to talk, but Belle remembers her altercation with Jan and doesn't want to hear anything Shawn has to say. From her room, Jan sees Shawn and Belle and assumes that they've already gotten back together. Outside the room, Belle reiterates that they don't have a future together and walks off. Back with Mimi, Belle is thrilled to hear that Mimi got into Salem U. Likewise, Mimi is happy that Belle got into Columbia, yet a little sad at the prospect of going to different colleges. When Shawn goes in to see Jan, she is happy to see him. He tells her that this is not her fault, it is no one's fault. Jan says that is not true, it is Belle's fault. Jan says that Belle killed her baby! Victor meets Nico outside of Nicole's office. Victor enters and a fearful Nicole has a disturbing daydream of Victor strangling her! She snaps out of it to Victor telling her that they are finished, both personally and professionally because she's fired. Nicole threatens to take the Permalash account with her, but he says she can't. She says she can, Carl's contract requires Austin in New York and her at Titan. Victor says it is just one account, so she threatens to take it to Basic Black! This impresses Victor. He tells her that she can stay, but she is not going to making any "sex-in-the-city" business trips to NEw York to see Austin. When she tries to return her engagement ring, he tells her to keep it as a reminder of everything she gave up. He gives her a sensuous kiss, which deeply affects Nicole. Victor exits and tells Nico that Nicole will be around for a while longer, and it will be more enjoyable than he thought.


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Jack returns to Salem and can't believe he's lost his job, his love, and his best friend. He sits in Salem Place and tries to put his life back together. Jack calls Oliver and basically begs for his job. At Jen's place, Greta tells JEn that she's had it with men in Salem. Alice shows up, and Greta asks Alice to stay here because there is something she must do, but she will be back. Greta leaves, goes to Basic Black (see below), and returns. She gives Abby a crown as a goodbye gift. Greta says goodbye to Jen and Alice, and then bids farewell to Salem. As she is leaving, she runs into Jack outside. He is shocked to learn Greta is leaving Salem. SHe says maybe one day she can they can be friends again. Jack then tries to go inside, but his keys don't work. Back inside, Jen gets a call from Oliver and he tells her that he will be in touch with her soon because he has a surprise for her. At Basic Black, Brady and John talk about the kids going to college. John asks Brady how he feels about Chloe going to college? Brady says he has no feelings about CHloe leaving, but John doubt that. Brady leaves, and Greta shows up to talk to John. Greta tells John how much he meant to her, and that he was the closet thing she had to a father. Greta says she wishes he was her father, but she can't have everything she wants. Greta tells John that she's planning to leave Salem and find what is waiting out there for her. John tells her that she'll always have a second home here in Salem, and he'll always love her. At the hospital, Jan tells Shawn that the miscarriage was Belle's fault. Jan tells him about her and Belle's fight, but she exaggerates and says Belle attacked her with intent to kill her! Shawn doubts Belle could do that, but Jan says love makes people do weird things. Jan begins crying about how the baby is gone now and she is alone, but Shawn says she still has him and she can still stay with him until they figure things out. Shawn tells Jan to rest and he'll be back later to take her home. Chloe shows up at the penthouse and asks Belle why she hasn't told her the news yet? Belle thinks Chloe is talking about the tape, but she is talking about college acceptance letters. CHloe says she got into Julliard, and Belle says she got into Columbia. Chloe says Phillip will be there too. Belle makes some not so nice comments about Phillip, and how he won't be the only guy in New York. CHloe begins to wonder what is up, and eventually realizes Belle saw the video. Belle tells her that she doesn't want to see that video, but CHloe demands she hand it over. Belle explains why she watched it, that it was an accident, but Chloe says she wants to see it. Chloe finds it and plays the video, despite Belle's begging her not to. She watches it, and then races out of the penthouse. Belle chases after her, but can't catch her. She does, however, run into Shawn in the hallway. Shawn accuses Belle of killing Jan's baby. At Dot.Com, Cynthia is still obsessed with why Chloe hasn't seen the video yet. Phillip catches Cynthia whining to Mimi about it, and he calls her a bitch! Phillip says he and Chloe will be together soon and she can't do anything about it, but Cynthia says Chloe will dump him once she sees that tape. Cynthia tells Phillip that she will be waiting for him when CHloe dumps him. Later, CHloe shows up and slaps Phillip. She tells him that she hates him and never wants to see him again.


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Shawn confronts Belle and accuses her of causing Jan to miscarry her baby. Belle denies it, but later begins to wonder if she did cause the miscarriage. Mimi and Chloe continue to have their doubts about all of this, and won't let it rest.

Brady announces his change-of-life plans to move out of the penthouse and into his own place. John suggests the penthouse where he and Isabella lived while he was a baby. Brady agrees to move in, but he may not be alone.

Chloe gives Phillip a hearty slap across the face for his betrayal and tells him that she never wants to see him again! Phil loses his temper, and winds up in the slammer! Later, Chloe becomes nervous about her upcoming audition as her mysterious illness continues to plague her.

Roman acquires the damning tape on Sami; which she, Lucas, and Kate are desperate to get their hands on. Roman's attempt to send the package to Austin fails, and it winds up in Victor's hands!

Bo and Hope prepare to say goodbye to JT this week as Glen is granted full custody. They also discuss Isaac. Bo and Hope still don't know who his father is, but vow to uncover the truth. Hope continues to have whiteouts, and this time she sees a face!

Lexie continues to leak dirt to the tabloids about Hope in order to paint her as an unfit mother, and Celeste and her powers begin to pick up on Lexie's evildoings. Meanwhile, Abe agrees to allow Cameron to represent them in the upcoming custody battle as long as she plays by the books. However, when Abe learns Lexie is the source of the stories being printed about Hope, he packs he bags and leaves Lexie!

Harold forgives Jack, but the other people in his life are not so quick to do so. Jack returns home from Vegas only to find he no longer has a home. Jen kicks him out, and he heads to his mother's for a roof. Green Tuna Noodle Casserole anyone?



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