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6/10/02 Plasma Globe page added
6/12/02 Dumpster diver page added
6/22/02 High energy coil gun page added
7/31/02 Velocity results in for High Energy Coil Gun
8/07/02 Permanent Magnet Repulsion Coil Gun page
11/17/02 Radio Controlled switch made from cordless telephone
03/08/03 Ignition System from Disposable Camera
05/06/03 Homebuilt 20 kV Digital Meter
05/08/03 Homebuilt Night Vision Scope
05/23/03 Homebrew Telescope
06/22/03 Coil Gun Kit Instructions page
05/26/04 TRIGATRON
05/26/04 Cheap Radio Frequency Plasma Source
02/21/05 Homemade O-Scope
02/21/05 Exercise Bike Power Generator
02/21/05 List of consumer appliances packed full of useful electronic components
05/04/06 DIY Underwater Camera System
08/01/07 DIY Electric Bike Conversion
11/22/07 Snow Crushing Robot

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