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This is a page where all updates to Ponyland Market will be placed. Activities and pages that are coming soon will also be listed with the updates. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

January 4, 2003

I finally broke down and bought my own corner of the internet: Therefore, Ponyland Market will be moving to its own domain over the next month or two. Unfortunately this means that this site will not be updated unless something big happens with the 2003 line as my main focus will be on the new site. Please bear with me as we make the move.


December 25, 2002

Check out the news page of the 20th Anniversary Campaign for a new article on next year's My Little Pony line as well as a brand new movie! The support page was also updated. Several complete profiles (Eve, Precious, Globe Trotter, and Majesty Star) were added to the New Pony Guide and a few comics were added to the comics page. The New Pony News page was also updated with information on Lady Waterfall.


November 3, 2002

Everyone, please note that my email address has changed to Due to a recent change in internet service providers, my old rfjc account is no longer operational. Any emails that I have not responded to should be resent. Also, I have updated most of the email links on Ponyland Market with the new address.


October 23, 2002

Detailed profiles of the following have been added to the Guide to the 'New' MLP: Purse Ponies (Glittery Skater, Glittery Heart, and Glittery Study); Hobby Ponies (Mimosa and Medicin); and Magic Hair Ponies (Flora). The ponies listed above have also been removed from my wantlist.


September 25, 2002

A brand new news article has been added to the 20th Anniversary Campaign concerning the 2003 My Little Ponies. Hasbro USA has finally confirmed the rumor and informed us that information regarding the new line should be available on in November or December!! There have also been a few additions to the support page.


August 25, 2002

The 'New' Pony News page of the Guide was updated with information on the new Schoolhouse with Sky Skimmer. Detailed profiles of Her Majesty Ballerina and Muse (Musical Pony) were also added to the Guide. Be sure to check out the sound clip of Muse actually playing music! Both Muse and Majesty Ballerina have been removed from my wantlist.


August 17, 2002

A brand new article has been added to the 20th Anniversary Campaign regarding some release details for the upcoming 'Classic Style' 2003 Ponies! At the moment, they are scheduled to hit the stores in November or December of 2003. The Support page also got a few more additions!


August 5, 2002

My Collection Pages will not be back up until the New Version of Ponyland Market is ready to make its debut. It will be a while before everything is ready. Anyway, as for immediate updates: The support page of the 20th Anniversary Campaign got a new addition.


August 2, 2002

The Fall 'New' Pony line-up can now be found in the News section of the Guide to the 'New' MLP. This season there will be more Majestics, Magicians, Hobby Ponies, and Playsets. Profiles of the above ponies have also been added to the Guide, and my want list has been updated to reflect the new additions to the MLP Family.


July 2, 2002

Detailed descriptions of Apple Pie (Magic Hair) and Nightglow (Fantasy Hair) were added to the Guide to the 'New' MLP. I also finished reorganizing the Royal Lady pages by adding updated pictures of Lady Satin Slipper and Lady Dragonfly. The Comics pages were also updated with the July '02 French comic book.


June 25, 2002

After quite a while after the chat room's disappearance, it has been re-added to the market section, and the Supporters list of the 20th Anniversary Campaign was updated. I also stuck another little graphic on Ponyland Market's main page. It's of me and my "Bestest Pony-Pal" Moonchild. Click it to visit her beautiful site!


June 20, 2002

Big News: My Little Pony will be returning to the United States next year in molds closer to the originals. I got confirmation from Hasbro Belgium and quote: "Next year there will be a new batch of My Little Pony’s that will be much closer to the original designs." Check out the 20th Anniversary Campaigns newest news article for more information!


June 5, 2002

The 20th Anniversary Campaign is now sporting a brand new look--it's about time, isn't it? Two new sections were added: Ponies and History. The Ponies section contains information on all of the 20th Anniversary items released to date including the Japanese Keychains, Plushies, 20th Anniversary Playset, and some Misc. MLP Items. The History page gives a summary of what has been going on at the 20th Anniversary Campaign since it's foundation. The News section was also updated with a new article on the Re-Release of the Twice As Fancy Babies in Japan.


May 24, 2002

The 'New' Pony News section in the Guide has been updated with information on the two new singing ponies. (Special thanks to Prince Suntop for the info!) Corresponding profiles of Melody and Muse were added to the Royal pages. The Royal Ladies page was reorganized a bit with better pictures and information on the following: Lady Light Heart, Lady Cupcake, Lady Sky Skimmer, and Lady Moonshine.


May 20, 2002

Well, there were not many visible updates this week, but I did reorganize the Princess Friends pages. This included revisions to the profiles of: Ivy, Morning Glory, Twinkle Star, Crystal, Silver Swirl, Trixiebelle, Silver Rain, Golden Light, and Firefly. Aside from that, the other updates involved Ponyland Market's new section that is not up yet.


May 13, 2002

It is official! My Collection Pages are totally dysfunctional!! *Applause Please* Actually, it has been moved over to Tripod, so Ponyland Market's newest section will hopefully be up soon...

Did you know that Hasbro released nearly 40 'New' My Little Pony videos in Europe? Check out the items section of the Guide to the 'New' MLP. Tons of video pictures were added. New info is also available in the Comics, Puzzles, Linen, Kitchenware, and Misc. sections.


May 5, 2002

The transferring of files continues due to Angelfire's new limitations. Therefore, a new section of Ponyland Market is in the making on Tripod! Keep your eyes peeled as it won't be long until the new section is finished!

As for immediate updates, more pictures and information are now available on the News page of the Guide. Some of which are pictures of Apple Pie (the newest Magic Hair) as well as the rest of the Vacation Fun Playsets. More information is available on the Singing Ponies too! Profiles of the above have also been added to the Guide.


April 14, 2002

The Guide to the 'New' MLP was updated with detailed profiles of Nightshine and Her Majesty Pearl. Because the Majestic Ponies are really Princess Friends in other languages, they have been moved to the Princess section. The 'Normal' Twins, Holidays, Mail Order, and Playsets sections have also been revamped. Both my original and new pony Want Lists have been revised and the Misc. page has been cleaned up.


April 4, 2002

Long time no updates, huh? Well, actually little things have been changed along and along, but just nothing major. So here's what happened: Detailed profiles have been added of Magic Diamond Glow (Magician), MH Golden Light, MH Light Heart, Floral & Petal, and Prince Fauna & Princess Flora (Romantic). The following sections have either been added or updated with mini profiles new ponies: Magic Hair, Fantasy Hair, Hobby Ponies, Purse Ponies, Playsets, Vacations, Magic Unicorns, Majestic Ponies, Singing Ponies, and Magicians. The 'New' Pony News page has also been updated with lots of new releases. The Sunny Garden Friends section of the Guide as well as the Families have also been revamped! More supporters and banners were also added to the 20th Anniversary Campaign. Lastly, I am temporarily closing the 80's Toon pages. I am way behind in dubbing tapes and can no longer take orders until further notice.


February 19, 2002

Much has happened in the My Little Pony community over the past few weeks, so this update mainly brings Ponyland Market up to speed. The 20th Anniversary Campaign has been updated with two brand new news articles. One is on the re-release of the Rainbow Babies (Sunribbon, Rainribbon, and Starbow) in Ember's pose from the 1980s! The other pertains to the 'New' My Little Pony's re-release in the United Kingdom and Italy! The Guide to the 'New' MLP's News Section also got a major update. Information on the new Unicorns with Magic Wings, Majestic Ponies, Magicians, Pony Purses, and lots more is now available. Profiles of the above have also been added to the Guide as well as more detailed profiles of Princess Golden Dream and Prince Blue Dream (with sound-clip!), Magic Hair Sun Sparkle, and Magic Hair Sweet Berry. My 'New' Pony want list was also updated and added to the Guide.


January 23, 2002

The News section on the Guide to the 'New' MLP has been updated with new information on three sets to be released in early February: Fantasy Hair Ponies, Hobby Ponies, and the Glittery Pony Purse. Special thanks to Prince Suntop for pointing them out for me!


January 21, 2002

Keeping with the annual redesign, Ponyland Market has undergone a great number of formatting changes since the new year. The new design is certainly a change from the ones in the past; no more browns and greys. Many small updates have been made throughout including my wantlist, credits, links, just to name a few. The Magic Motion Friends section of the guide was also reorganized a bit.

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