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What's new? What's happening? Updates concerning Ponyland Market/Guide to the "New" My Little Pony can be found right here! For old...and I mean OLD updates, check out our archives! The site's been around since February 27, 2000. Please note that the majority of the pages mentioned in the archives are no longer in existence. My personal pages and the 20th Anniversary Campaign are no longer on the web. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

New header added to the main page. It's summery (even though summer is almost over).


Long-time, no updatesÖor at least no recorded updates. Iíve been silently updating/gathering information since the complete overhaul in 2006. I still have a great deal of G2-related info to add, (stampers, figurines, info on the ponies themselves, etc, etc) and I am well-aware that there are plenty of dead links to go around. Iím working on it, but real life just doesnít allow much time for Ponyland anymore. Iíve all but stopped collecting, and my collection is boxed up and stored away.

For this update, check out the newly remodeled updates pages!! Also, I finally obtained all the adult G2s (with exception of variant Seabreeze). Butterfly Hunter is finally mine. Take a look at her detailed profile. A few icons have been added to the main page, and the forums are officially closed. Sad but true. Ponyland Market began as a set of forums, but I do not have the time to maintain them. Honestly, the whole market place has been out of commission for a while.


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