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This is a page where all updates to Ponyland Market will be placed. Activities and pages that are coming soon will also be listed with the updates. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

December 27, 2001

Firstly Happy Holidays everyone! The past month has been absolutely mad; hence the lack of updates. The Discussion Board got a Holiday header and years 8, 9, and 10 were added to my collection pages to complete them. A detailed profile of Lady Rainbow was added to the Guide to the 'New' MLP, and she was completely removed from my wantlist. More news on the possibility of the new 'old' ponies will be posted over the next few days in the 20th Anniversary Campaign. Check back for updates. : )


November 25, 2001

This has certainly been an exciting week in the My Little Pony community with the rumors of My Little Pony possibly coming back to North America in the original molds in 2003. Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, I have added news about the rumors to the News Section of the 20th Anniversary Campaign. The 20th Anniversary Playset section of the News was also updated with pictures of the 20th Anniversary Pony Festivities and her playset. The Guide to the 'New' My Little Pony was updated with detailed profiles of Golden Glow, Silver Glow, Copper Glow, Wedding Carriage with Princess Sky Skimmer & Baby Fleur, Anniversary/Birthday Playset with Festivities, Polka & Dot, Stardust & Moondust, and Sweetheart & Trueheart. The above ponies were removed completely from my want list. Additional information was added to Lady Elegant's profile as well as the News Section of the Guide.


November 10, 2001

Complete profiles of Junior, Tender Nuzzles, Tenderheart, Junior, Princess Sapphire, and Princess Fucshia have been added to the 'New' MLP Guide. All of the Secret Surprise Friends pages have also been updated with a more uniformed format. The News section of the guide has also been updated with additional information on the newest Royal Ladies. The ponies listed above were removed from my want list, and the Year Seven Ponies have been added to My Collection Pages.


October 7, 2001

The Guide to the 'New' MLP was the main source of updates this weekend. The news section has been updated with information on the newest set of twins named Study and Play. A profile of Study and Play was added as well as updates to the profiles of Prince Fauna & Princess Morning Glory, Floral & Petal, and the Mystery Mommy and Baby set. My want list has been updated to correspond with these changes.


September 16, 2001

Lost in a land of innocence and oblivious to the world around us, Tuesday's events shattered our false sense of security. The actions by the terrorists were both shocking and tragic. Nothing is ever gained by killing thousands of innocent people. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

In terms of updates, the news section of the Guide has been updated with the special offer available on the site. Also information on the 20th Anniversary playset has changed slightly as the pony does have a name: Festivities. The support page of the campaign has been updated as well as my want list--many 'New' pony items are now pending.

August 25, 2001

The Guide to the 'New' MLP got a new look this weekend, but I am still fine tuning it. Many pages still need text colors changed, etc. My collection pages have been updated with the Year Six Pony pages. There have also been some additions to the support page of the Campaign.


August 18, 2001

The 20th Anniversary Campaign has been updated with a new format. Every page got something new as well as additions to the support page. Also, the News section of the campaign has been updated to reflect the release of a 20th Anniversary Playset in Europe.


August 7, 2001

Yay! The main page has been revised with the addition of a friendship pendent linked to the site of my best online friend, Moonchild!
Couldn't imagine the Internet without ya!

The Mail Order section of my collection pages has been updated with pictures of Baby Milky Way and Satin 'N Lace as well as the addition of the Year 5 Ponies Pages. Other updates include additions to the Support section of the Campaign, and revisions to my want list.


July 30, 2001

I have been updating along and along over the past few weeks, but haven't recorded anything here. Profiles of the newest ponies Jolly, Tenderheart, Princess Sapphire, Princess Fuchsia, Magic Hair Light Heart, Magic Hair Golden Light, and the mystery Royal Lady have been added to the Collector's Guide and my want list has been updated to reflect these additions. Also, my foreign, mail order, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4 ponies have been added to my collection pages. The market images have also been transferred to another server due to Homestead's decision to start charging for their services, and the support page of the 20th Anniversary Campaign has been updated.


July 11, 2001

Sorry about the lack of recording the updates over the past few weeks. Anyway, the campaign was rearranged a little, and there is a bit more news. I have also started putting up my collection pages. So far, all I have up is my Childhood collection. Butterscotch and Tickle were removed from my wantlist, and Jolly and Tenderheart were added as two 'New' ponies have been discovered. Hopefully I'll have more information on them soon. Ponyland Market also joined the Top MLP Sites list. : )


June 24, 2001

After nearly two months since the move, I finally have Ponyland Market fully functional again! Where to start... The index pages are up: Links, Credits, Wants, Adoptions, Misc., 80's Toons. Many of these also have subsections. The tour is open once again!!: Introduction, Sunken Castle, Starfish Manor, Market Place, Bubble Seaport, Library, and Seashell Gardens. Much of the material is brand new, so it isn't like the old site. Also, there have been additions to the support page of the campaign--still no news from Hasbro.


June 19, 2001

The Guide to the 'New' My Little Pony is complete!! I finally finished scanning, uploading, and staying up all night for a while. I still have a few revisions to make, but the guide is up and usable! The Prototypes, Misc. Pony Items, and Inserts sections have been added since the last update to complete the guide. I highly suggest visiting the Prototype sections, I bet there are a few variations there that you have never seen before. The only update not concerning the guide this week were more additions to the support page of the campaign.


June 11, 2001

There have been many additions to the Collector's Guide over the past week. The Royal Ponies section has been completed with profiles of Royal Ladies, Castle Best Friends, Magic Unicorns, Families, Twins, and Playsets. The Pony Figures section is also temporarily complete with profiles of the Beanies, Keyrings, and McDonalds ponies. I am still in need of information and pictures of the new pony petites and the Sundance PVC which came with the computer game. If you would like to donate any information, please let me know.


June 4, 2001

There have been quite a few changes to Ponyland Market over the past few weeks. The Collector's Guide has been redone with a new format. Although all of it has not been uploaded from the old site, the Normal Pony section has been completed and the Princess Friends Pages are up. The message board images once again had to be moved to a new server due to Tripod not allowing the linking of external images anymore. Also, a good many supporters have been added to the Support page of the 20th Anniversary Campaign.


May 14, 2001

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates, but things have been really hectic over the past few weeks. Anyway, a few sections of the collector's guide have been uploaded to this server in the Normal Pony pages: Secret Surprise Friends, Magic Motion Friends, Sunny Garden Friends, Tender Families, and the Twins. Other updates include additions to the support page of the campaign and a slight change in the coding of the main page along with the additions of my guest book and counter.


May 1, 2001

Because of the rumor that Geocities may be shutting down over the next few weeks, I started moving Ponyland Market over to Angelfire. Many files have not been uploaded to this account yet, but hopefully I'll have them up soon. So far only the Market and Campaign Sections have been fully uploaded. Also, there have been some additions to the support page of the campaign. I have also made a new format for Ponyland Market. I think that the frames will make it a lot easier to navigate. Hopefully I'll be able to get the rest of Ponyland Market up before Geocities closes.


April 22, 2001

NEWS FLASH! : More ponies have been discovered in the newest set of My Little Pony. Two new Unicorns with Magic Wings have been discovered--one is blue with white hair and the other is green with red hair--as well as another Mommy and Baby set (Floral and Petal) and a Wedding Playset with what I think is Light Heart. I have a very limited amount of information on the newest set of ponies, so if you know anything about the names, availablility, or anything else, please let me know. Any information would be very much appreciated.

Now on to the updates. I have updated and added several areas to the Collector's Guide. The Princess Friends page has been divided into two sections--Princess Friends and Unicorns with Magic Wings. Profiles of the blue unicorn with white hair and the green unicorn with red hair have been added to that page. The profile of the white unicorn with gold hair has also been updated a little. A profile of the mommy and baby set with Floral and Petal has been added to the 'normal' Tender Families page, and a profile of the Wedding playset with Light Heart has been added to the 'normal' playsets page. I have also updated my want list to reflect the release of the newest little ponies. Other updates include additions to the support page of the Campaign, Wind Sweeper has been put on hold, and I made a small change in the format of the Main Page.


April 15, 2001

First off, Happy Easter Everyone! I hope that this special day was filled with joy and cheer, and that the 'Easter Bunny' was good to ya! : )

The 'Normal' Ponies section of the Collector's Guide has finally been completed except for the fact that I don't have detailed pictures of everything. I added a misc. section to the normal pages with profiles of Easter Sky Skimmer, Sweet Snowflake, and Seabreeze. I also added a playset section to complete the 'normal' ponies' section which includes profiles of Light Heart with Canopy Bed, Dainty Dove with Wedding Chapel, Ivy with Beauty Parlor, Sweet Berry's Magic Kitchen, Magic Rainbow Forest with Sun Sparkle, Giggle Garden Nursery with Flitter, and the new Party Playset with Sky Skimmer. I also updated the profile of Magic Hair Sky Skimmer with more detailed pictures. Other updates include additions to the Support page of the campaign. I have also written to Hasbro again and sent a copy of the petition as of Thursday night. Let's hope that we hear some good news...


April 8, 2001

NEWS FLASH! : More 'New' My Little Ponies have been released in France and a few other European countries. This new set includes three new Secret Surprise Friends: Spring who comes with wings (they look a little like flutter wings in my opinion), Junior Scholar, and Tender Nuzzles. A new Royal Lady named Lady Dragonfly has also been released in Europe.

There have again been updates to the collector's guide. Prince Firefly's profile has been added to the Princess Friends page, and Night Star's profile has been updated with more detailed pictures. I have also added profiles of the newest ponies. Profiles of Spring, Junior Scholar, and Tender Nuzzles have been added to the Secret Surprise Friends pages, and Lady Dragonfly's profile has been added to the Royal Ladies pages. More detailed profiles of Spring and Lady Dragonfly are coming soon because I have them coming in the mail. Other updates include additions to the support page of the 20th Anniversary Campaign and Lady Dragonfly and Spring have been removed from my wantlist.


April 1, 2001

NEWS FLASH!: A new set of My Little Ponies have been released in Belgium and a few other European Countries. This set consists of Magic Hair Ponies (on collector's guide), Talking Ponies (on collector's guide), a Party Playset with Sky Skimmer, and the very first Unicorn with Wings (on collector's guide). The playset will be on the collector's guide very soon.

Most of this weeks updates involve the collector's guide. The Princess Friends page has been added and it includes profiles of Princess Ivy, Princess Morning Glory, Princess Twinkle Star, Princess Crystal, Princess Silver Swirl, Princess Trixiebelle, Princess Silver Rain, Princess Golden Light, and Princess Schitterend (the new unicorn with wings). Prince Firefly's profile is coming soon since he is in the mail. The Royal Ladies page has been added with profiles of Lady Light Heart, Lady Cupcake, Lady Moonshine, Lady Sky Skimmer, and Lady Satin Slipper. The Castle Best Friends page has been added with profiles of the Royal Wedding with Princess Morning Glory and Prince Clever Clover, Masquerade Ball with Lady Sky Skimmer and Princess Sweetberry, and the brand new Talking Ponies, Prince Een and Princess Geeft. Other updates include additions to the Support page of the campaign, misc. page, and the newest ponies have been added to my want list.


March 25, 20001

Most of this weeks updates involved the collector's guide. I added a 'normal' pony tender families page with profiles of Sun Sparkle & Sunbeam, Sweet Berry & Honey Berry, Light Heart & Tickle Heart, Morning Glory & Baby Dew, and Ivy and Baby Fern. A 'royal' tender families page has also been added with profiles of Princess Twinkle Star & Baby Twinkles and Princess Silver Swirl and Baby Swirly. The 'normal' twins page has been added with profiles of Dart & Dash, Drifter & Dreamer, Stardust & Moondust, and Polka & Dot. I also added the 'royal' twins pages with profiles of Giggles & Wiggles, Jewel & Sparkle, Sweetheat & Trueheart, and Fire and Flame. Other updates include the suppot and banners pages of the campaign, and the 80's tape page.


March 18, 2001

Nothing much was added this week. I have updated the support and the banners page on the campaign sections. Also, Prince Firefly and Night Star have been removed from my want list.


March 11, 2001

After corresponding with Hasbro a few times and getting encouraging letters, I have finally decided to start a campaign to bring My Little Pony back for its 20th Anniversary. The campaign consists of an about page, support, petition, news, banners, and contact pages. Other updtes include the links page.


March 4, 2001

This weekend's updates mainly involved the collector's guide. The Magic Motion Friends Page was completed with profiles or Petal Blossom and Ivy II. I also added and completed the Secret Surprise Friends section with profiles of Clever Clover, Berry Bright, Sky Skimmer, Morning Glory, Petal Blossom, Cupcake, Sugar Belle, Wingsong, Secret Tale, Hip Holly, Merry Moments, Flash, Satin Slipper, Bright Bramley, and Nurse Wingsong. A Sunny Garden Friends page was added and completed with profiles of the Basket Surprise set and the Special Birthday Magic set. I also added a page for the Magic Hair ponies with (hopefully) temporary pictures. These profiles include Night Star, Sky Skimmer, Sweet Berry, and Sun Sparkle. Other updates to Ponyland Market include the links section and my wantlist.


February 23, 2001

Well I forgot to list last week's updates, so I'll just list them with this week's updates. I have updated the market once again with a new format, and I added the outline to a free graphics page. I have also added a few profiles to the collector's guide which include the following Magic Motion Friends: Dainty Dove, Bright Bramley, and Dizzy Lizzy. There have also been updates to the links page, and the misc. page. Sweet Berry's Castle Playset has also been removed from my wantlist! :)


February 10, 2001

There have been some updates to the Collector's Guide this weekend. I have updated the Collector's Guide main page and the Normal Ponies page, along with adding the Magic Motion Friends page. So far I have profiles up of the following Magic Motion Friends: Ivy, Sundance, Moon Shadow, Tipsy Tulip, Sweet Berry, and Satin Splash. There have also been updates to the My Collection Page. So far I just have the format up, but hopefully the information will follow soon.


February 3, 2001

I've really gotten a lot done so far this weekend. I have the outline of the Collector's Guide up along two sections. (Beanies and Keyrings) I have also been working on the new format of the tour and so far I have the main page completed and the Sunken Castle, Market Place, Travel Bubbles, Library, and Seashell Manor have been updated. I have also updated a few of the regular pages on this site including the Trade Page, Credits, and the Misc. Page. I also fixed the buttons on the index page. More updates coming soon!


January 28, 2001

Okay, I'm still working on the new format of everything and we still have a while to go before Ponyland Market will be finished... Anyway, there have been updates to the Index, Updates, Links, and Collector's Guide. I have also added an adoptions page:)


January 21, 2001

Ponyland Market is currently under major reconstruction. Crosswinds and just didn't work out, so Ponyland Market is going to remain on Geocities. So far, I have redone the Main Page, Market & Market Boards, Updates, Wants, Guestbook, Links, Webrings, and the 80's Cartoons Pages. More will be added and redone soon!


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