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This part of the site is for people who know what they want to write but are struggling with the how-to. Should your work of fiction be a novel or a short story or even a poem? Have you worked out the intricacies of the plot? In this forum, we offer guidance and links to resources to assist you in developing the final structure of your manuscript.

What We Offer

Writer's Craft, a monthly ezine, with each issue devoted to a genre
Writer's clubs, where online communities of writers can explore genre-related issues

Writers Craft
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From the Editor's Notepad Have Your Say
On Romance Writing Poet's Corner
Cyber-romance Plotting Your First Novel

From the Editor's Notepad

Dear Writer,

Writer's Craft is a monthly ezine devoted to your concerns as a fiction writer. Each issue will focus on the forms and trends in a genre of fiction. In this issue, we take you on a whistlestop tour of romance, one of the most lucrative genres in the publishing industry.

Get tips on romance writing, as well as how to plot your first novel, from Constance Bonds, a seasoned romance writer. Enter the world of cyber-romance and learn the fine art of interactive storytelling. Go to the Poet's Corner and let the verse tug at your heart. Share your comments with us in the "Have Your Say" forum. Tell us how we can craft this ezine to help you overcome writer's block.

In the next issue, we shift our focus to juvenile fiction. We accept original unpublished articles of about 1500 words (the shorter the better!) Authors of articles published in Writer's Craft retain copyright to their work.Please email your submissions on jv fiction by clicking on the mailbox icon.

Writer's Craft Editorial Team

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