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Stuck for Ideas

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This part of the site is for people who can't think of an idea to start with. You sit and wait endlessly for what Samuel Taylor Coleridge called, "that spark from heaven to fall." Not all writers are blessed with divine intervention before they produce the manuscript that they hope will turn out to be a bestseller. In this forum we offer inspiration and advice for the writer who is stuck for ideas.

What We Offer

Writer In Residence includes an interview with a playwright who has also directed her own plays
Ideas Bank offers a reservoir of ideas for your next writing project
Ideas that Rock offers advice on selling your idea
What Ticks for You helps you decide what genre you would like to focus on
Writer's Cafe provides an informal chat forum for writers to discuss ideas
Writer's Workshops links you to some of the best writing courses available
Our Work in Progress features a new project by Linda Lee Bower, "The Prom Dress."
Can't decide which one to go to? Try them all!

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