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Dragon Ball Z Midis
bluevelvet.mid Blue Velvet, Dragon Ball ending song
dandan.mid DanDan, DB GT opening
hitorijanai.mid hitorijanai, ending to DB GT
mystery.mid Mysterious Adventure, a DB GT song
rock.mid English beginning to Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Wavs
dbztheme.wav The Dragon Ball Z theme song
kame1.wav Vegeta doing a kame ha me ha
kame2.wav Gohan doing a kame ha me ha
piccolo1.wav Piccolo doing his special beam cannon
kameha.wav Goku doing a kame ha me ha
disc.wav Krillin's Destructo Disk
goku.wav Goku Telling Radditz to leave
goku2.wav Gokus feeling pretty good
piccolo.wav Piccolo yelling at Gohan
solarflare.wav Krillin uses the solar flare
tien.wav Tien is very mad

Misc. Sounds
poketheme.wav the pokemon theme song. AC/DC highway to hell AC/DC back in black local H eddie Vedder
mission.mid The Mission Imposssible theme song
elmo.wav Elmo Gettin capped by a little kid *bad language*
elmoduke.wav Elmo gettin capped by Duke Nukem

Sounds I made
barneyhitnrun.wav i made this. barney in a hitnrun
dodedo2.wav The little guys from the hampster dance getting what they deserve
duckjob2.wav Donald Duck getting a BJ? he gets something else in this clip as well

I do not mean to in any way infrenge on anyones copyrights. if i have it is unintentional.