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The Namecs came to earth a long time ago and on their planet Namec there were the Dragon Balls. One of the Namecs, came to earth, he tore himself apart into 2 parts, the good, Kame lives high above the earth and watches over it.

The bad, Piccolo went to earth and trained. Kame had the knowledge to make the Dragon Balls. He made a set and when you put them together, the eternal dragon comes and grants you one wish. On Namec you get three wishes because Guru the eldest Namec made a more powerful set.

The Sayins were some of the most Powerful beings in the universe. Their planet, Vegeta, was blown up by the evil Freiza. Only 4 saiyns survived, Vegeta, the prince of planet Vegeta was taken in by Freiza after he killed Vegetas dad. Napa, Vegetas friend, went with Vegeta, Raditz, Goku's brother, came to earth to find Goku. Goku and Piccolo kicked his ass because he wanted to blow up their planet. Goku came to earth as a baby. he was programmed to destroy it, but when he landed, he suffered a blow to the head and forgot all about his home planet.

Krillin is a little shrimp. but dont let his appearance fool you. He was killed once and brought back by the dragonballs. He has buku powers and a big heart. My favorite weapon of his is his destructo disk.