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------------- Agreement -------------

You may download a ROM ONLY if you are legally entitled so. By "legally entitled" I mean:

You own the actual arcade or gamepak of a ROM you are downloading. Under the copyright laws of the U.S., you are entitled to own a backup of any software you have paid for. Since ROMS can't be duplicated (not without special hardware), ROM images are provided to the public as a service.

The purpose of an emulator is to preserve games (so that they don't dissappear), to have all your games on your PC and to keep a backup of games you own in case the game fails or has already failed.

It's for educational purposes only (in case you are an emulator programmer).

You must also agree to the following: You will NEVER sell these ROMS for profit. Most game companies don't mind the distribution of their game's ROMS to the people that already own the games, but they WILL mind if someone sells them.

You will NEVER hold me responsible for any damage caused to your system (all files are TESTED and they are checked for viruses), for any legal actions taken against you for not obeying the above stated rules, or for any other reason.

No harm is being done to game companies, as the ROMS on this website are for people who own the gamepaks already.

If you agree to the above statements you may enter. Do you agree?