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Like most rabbit breeders, our hobby started out with my two daughters, Hillary and Margo in 4H. We have raised and shown several breeds over the past 10 years, in addition to, not instead of, Hollands. Their outstanding personalities and cute chubby faces have always been our favorites. This is the reason we are still showing and raising them, because we really love them. Nothing is cuter than a 4 week old holland lop bunny. . Our hollands are spoiled, and receive alot of TLC, thus usually exhibit very friendly temperaments.

We have a small rabbitry of just 35 cages. We live near the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming, in a comfy log home on 10 irrigated acres. Our barn is heated in the winter cooled in the summer. We strive to raise quality, not quantity hollands. We have developed our own line of hollands, and our herd consistently produces well placed crowns, nice toplines and very good bone, and thus we can offer competitive holland lops for sale.

We have placed in the top 10 whenever we attend HLRSC nationals or ARBA convention. We add new bloodlines to our herd for genetic diversity and new genes periodically. We have found several nationally known lines that work well with ours. Be sure and let us know when you want to add a Prairie Wind bunny to your herd what you want in "parts".

We started with black and broken blacks, and still have those colors as well as torts, sable points, orange, blue tort, blues, sable and brokens of these colors. We have also been working on perfecting pointed white hollands (with ruby eyes) a very striking color pattern on a holland ( looks like a himi dwarf color pattern).

We will do our best to help you add the hollands to your herd that will compliment what you have now, or will gladly help you start out with complementing holland trios.We do ship. We do represent our hollands honestly, and ask reasonable prices for the quality hollands we produce.

Hollands & Friends Specialty Club: local club, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Utah members
Little Rascals: nice site with a vote for your favorite bunny option each month
Buckys Bunny Barn: educational website about rabbits
HLRSC: national Holland club
ARBA: national rabbit organization
Favorite source for Airedale websites, great photos

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