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Affectionately known here as Doo Doo, he is well known for his silly rabbit tricks, and his offspring often can duplicate the trick. He is a brother of PW Satchel, and is my special bud. Chirps to me every chance he gets.

GCH PW Simerdown, young brkn tort sr buck.

PW Torchy, shown as 4 months old and as a 1 year old buck, very promising type and personality to match

PW Squeeze, brk tort young sr buck

Nissans Navarrone,young tort senior buck,
1 year in photo

PW Tsunami, black pointed white young sr buck,
Viagra son

Anne's Tyrese, brk black sr buck from Anne Chambers, one of Margos favorites

PW Chips, brk tort sr buck

PW Gorgis,BJB, brk orange, 4 mo in photo
and his baby photo

PW Hank tort jr buck

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