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GCH PW Votek, buck living with Cindy Pail, North Carolina, BIS winner

PW Aaliyah, doe living with Cheryl Guerin, Louisiana

PW Osiris, doe living with Jaylene Holevinski, Maryland,
1 BOSV Leg

PW Tanna, doe living with Linda & Marilee Mazur, California,
3 ARBA legs so far

GCH PW Filbert,buck living with Linda & Marilee Mazur, California

PW Artesia, doe living with Janet Wodrich, Illinois

PW Indy, buck living with Karen & Heather Martin, Colorado

PW Pilar, doe, living with Rosemary & Erica Ray, California

PW Caufitime, doe living with Curtis Hester, Alabama

GCH PW Quincy, doe living with Mari Johnson, California

PW Viagra, living with Maureen Martin in Va

PW Cappy living with the Tune family in Maryland

PW Lyric, living with the Andrus family in Louisiana

PW Kiki, living with Lee Chenevert in Georgia

PW Kugel, living with Kimberly Burgess in Louisiana

PW Cowboy, living with Tunes in Maryland, 4th place top lop 1999 HLRSC in youth

PW Aaron, living with Janet Smith in Colorado

PW Redbud living with Cindy Pail in NC

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