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Yes, we do ship, via Delta Dash out of Casper, Wyoming only. Cost of shipping right now is $165.00 which will usually include up to 7 hollands in two 4 hole carriers. You are responsible for a carrier. Talk to me about specs for one before you get one for us to use. I prefer wire dividers for better ventilation for shipping in the carriers. You need to include plastic feed and water dishes for each bunny and handles on the carrier, and with two carriers, they need to match in size and you need travel locs. The airlines require health certificates also, you will be responsible for this, which I get from a vet locally. All shipping, health papers, carriers and bunnies need to be paid for before shipping. Only one bunny per hole in a carrier. I can breed adult does prior to shipment, then when they kindle, you will owe me $50 for the litter. A live litter is not guaranteed, since with shipping things can happen, but generally we have had very good success. It is a nice way to add another bloodline to your herd for a very reasonable fee, in addition to the others you are shipping in. We take deposits through out the year to secure your place on the waiting list. We take deposits to ensure we hold bunnies for you when you want them. My waiting list goes on a first deposit, first choice method. A $50-100 deposit is what we ask for. The more info you can find out on your end, the better for shipping, we need to know where you will ship into, and make sure Delta services that airport with dash shipments. We cannot ship in the heat of the summer, it must be under 85 degrees at every stop to ship in the summer . Winter, it has to be over 20 degrees, as well as decent traveling weather for us to get to the airport. The more direct flights are preferred for obvious reasons. We ship several times a year, and many will try to incorporate a shared expense for shipping with others in their area, this has worked out well for many. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have concerning shipping, getting on our waiting list, or questions about rabbits that are available. Email us and I will get back to you. Look forward to hearing from those of you wanting to add PW bunnies to your barn.

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