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Guerre's Beginner Neopage
Guerre's Neopage
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guerre got their NeoPet at

My 'Wocky'will be sad, if you don't sign up!

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Guerre's Beginner Neopage

Yehuda my Wocky

Welcome to my Neopage!

Neopets Reviews

It is unecessary to download any plug-ins for this game. You adopt an alien pet make sure it isn't hungry, and satisfy its needs (your pet(s) tell you). Also, be sure to play games, collect Neocards, complete quests, and earn neopoints to buy your neopets items.


The "Sign Up" button is located at the official site. Fill in the form, select a pet by clicking on it (be sure to see ALL of them-there are several pages). Then, you will pick the name, color, and home of your neo pet. Once this is done, you are ready to begin. Remember: you can own up to four neopets, but you must make sure they are fed.

Day-to-Day Playing

To log-in, just go to and select 'log-in' from the left hand column. You will be brought to 'pet central'. From here you can check up on your pets. To choose your 'active' pet, just select 'Quick Reference' and click the pet you want to be 'active'.
The object of this game is not to win, but more to have fun. In order to occupy your time there are several things you can do.
  • Shops: First of all you can shop for items such as books, toys, and grooming equipment. To get to the shops, click 'shops' from the left hand column. You need neopoints to buy items. Neopoints can be won in games, or recieved by signing other people up.
  • Marketplace: The marketplace is where users, such as yourself open up their own stores. Sometimes you can find rare items, needed for quests, and sometimes you can find cheap items. Open up you own shop by selecting 'My Shop' from the top of the market or stores page. Follow directions from there. Add items to your store, by buying them, and then selecting 'My Items' (when in the store or marketplace page). Click the item you would like to move to your store and a pop-up window will appear. Select 'Add item to my store' from the 'Select action' scroll down menu.
  • Quests: A quest is when an 'Uber-faerie' gives you a mission. You must search for a specific item, and the kind of item depends on the kind of faerie. Some items are rare and may only be recieved either with a lot of money, or with the wishing well. Giving an uber-faerie the requested item will allow the uber-faerie to give your pet new abilities or gain a level.
  • Wishing Well: The wishing well is located in the market place (just click on the image of a well). Here, you donate some neopoints, in hopes that your wish for an item may be answered.
  • Faeries: Where uber-faeries give you quests, normal faeries grant your neopet new abilites/levels without having to work for it. You may catch one, but it is most likely you will buy one from the marketplace.
  • Hunger: Just like any normal pet, your neo pet can get hungry. His/her hunger status is shown on the 'Quick Reference' page. To feed your pet, buy food from the marketplace or a store. Select 'My Items' from the top of the 'Marketplace' or the 'Stores' page. Click the food, and then select 'Feed to ___' from the scroll down 'Action' menu.
  • Guilds: A guild is a group of people who specialize in something. In order to find a guild, you must find their secret entrance. The thieves guild can be found on the 'Shops' page. The Good Magic Guild can be found in the lighthouse at the 'Marketplace'.
  • Treasure Map Pieces: Treasure map pieces can be found hidden all over the neopets site. Findoing all nine will give you lots of treasure. You may also buy pieces from the market place.
  • Games: With most games you can win neopoints, but some are just for fun. Usually you play with your neopet. To get to the games section, select 'Games' from the left hand column.

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