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There's two things you can do about it, Nothing, and Like It!


Rages Ramblins

So with my career as an active wrestler over, I want to just break kayfabe and just let people know what really pisses me off about this business. One thing that really pisses me off are some of the workers egos, Im not going to mention names but some people really need to get over themselves. They take themselves way too seriously. They think they are a friggin superstar but in all reality they are no better then anyone else. The second thing is EWA. I dont understand how a guy calls himself a promoter, buts expects his talent to do all the promoting, set up the ring, wrestle, break down the ring, and clean up the building. It wouldnt be so bad if he was willing to pay, but he justs shows up and collects the gate. Nothing for the boys. To me that is totally fucking wrong and I dont care what you say.

Some guys just dont get the credit they deserve. Its good to see Archadia and Bryan Sexton finally getting recognized as top-notch talent, but hopefully it wont go to their heads.

Hyena just doesnt get the credit he deserves. He should be booked on many more shows then he is and it really surprises me on some of the people that get booked on shows over him. Guys that are so green that they are going to wind up really hurting somebody one day.

I know this is a business of "what have you done for me lately" I know guys get booked because they can sell some tickets. Hell, I was one of them. I know why I got my title runs in EWA. I aint stupid. Its because at every Rova Farms show I packed the place with people that wanted to come see me wrestle. I dont have a problem with selling tickets and helping the business survive, the problem I have is that in EWA you get nothing in return. Nothing for selling tickets and nothing for putting your body on the line to make Ron Post money. Ron , you probably think I hate you, and thats ok, I dont, I hate the way you do business. When wrestling is not invovled youre cool as hell to hang with. The minute wrestling becomes involved, it sucks being around you. By the way Ron, im still waiting for that 150 bucks you owe me.

Bill, what can I say about you? Nothing becasue you suck and I shouldve listened to my gut instinct when I first met you. I gave you the benefit of the doubt but you turned out to be an asshole after all. I shouldve listened to Danielle when she told me that she thought you were shady.

There will be a couple of promotions that run themselves right out of the business if they dont start smartening up and stop trying to run against the NWS. Theres not one other promotion out there that is more professional, well organized or runs more shows then the NWS. Thats my opinion, you dont have to like it.

And to all you people that dont like me.....BITE ME!


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