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There's two things you can do about it, Nothing, and Like It!



It started about six years ago when I went to a wrestling school with ambitions of being a pro-wrestler. I trained for quite sometime before I got my first match. When the time came for my first match, I was standing in the locker room listening to my music waiting to enter the ring. I was scared and nervous. Anyone who tells you they werent scared and nervous before their first match is full of crap. This was the pre JC Rage days, I was known then as Jimmy Chez, a nickname friends used to call me in high school, hence the JC in JC Rage.

I had all my friends and family there. I walked out and they went crazy ( But I was supposed to be the I could hear their reaction everytime I got hit or took a bump. It was awesome. When the match was over it appeared that I won the East Coast Championship in my first match. My friends and family were going absolutely ape-shit. But the decision got reversed because I had "cheated". I was supposed to be the heel but I had alot of support for that match. At that point I knew this is something I wanted to do as long as I could.

I had alot of support from my friends, family and the woman I will marry this coming May, Danielle, (who would become Diamond Divine and act as my manager for a period of time in my career) to pursue being a wrestler. Like all people that enter this business, I had the dream of hitting the big time, the WWF, hell I wouldve taken WCW or ECW at that point. I decided over a period of time that I wasnt going to hit the big time and decided that this is going to be away for me to have some fun and boy did I have a hell of alot of fun.

I would eventually wind up winning some titles. The WWC Hardcore Title, The PWX Heavyweight Title, The EWA Heavyweight Title, 4 times, and the NWS Regional Heavyweight Title. Not bad for a guy that started wrestling when he was 29 years old.

Like all wrestlers do when they start out, they want to wrestle wherever they can, whenever they can. I went to an EWA show ran by Ron post at Brick Memorial High School. Some of the guys I trained with were ont that show. VVD, Corrupted Youth, Johnny X to name a few. The place was absolutely packed, standing room only, if you will. I thought to myself, yeah I would love to work here. I introduced myself to Mr. Post and he directed me towards his booker, I met with his booker and thought the guy was the biggest dickhead I had ever met. But thats a different story for a different day. I went on having a long feud with this guy and eventually won my first of four title runs from him. Maybe thats why he claims to have discovered JC Rage but whatever. I quickly became one of the EWAs main event guys and it was a lot of fun but there was also a lot of BS.

I was wrestling Barry Horowitz of WWF jobber fame one night and what I didnt know that there was another promoter in the crowd that evening. I was contacted by Joe Panzarino a couple of weeks later and I was asked if I would like to come work a show for his NWS promotion. Of course I accepted and this is where some BS started from EWA. I will touch on that in my Rages Ramblins.

In my opinion I went on to be one of the biggest heels in the NWS. I eventually would win the NWS Regional Heavyweight Title from TNT, but it was the guys that I met in NWS that I will always remember. Guys like, Dusty Rhodes, Chris Candido, Luscious Johnny Valiant, George "The Animal" Steele, The Wall, Balls Mahoney, Justin Credible, The Iron Shiek, King Kong Bundy, Bam Bam Bigelow, The Honky Tonk Man and "Superfly"Jimmy Snuka. All these guys I used to watch on TV at one point in time or another. I actually got the chance to step in the ring with Jimmy Snuka and the Honky Tonk Man on seperate occasions and it was great.

So there are a lot of good memories from being a pro-wrestler and it was a hard decision to call it quits because it became a huge part of who I am. I met a lot of good people and a lot of assholes in this business but I wouldnt change a thing. I think the biggest highlight of my career is when A 8 year old fan named Lucas invited me to his birthday party. I talked with his Dad and he said that they come to every show and that Lucas always talked about me and always wanted to come see me wrestle. So I decided I would make the kids day and go to his birthday party. Little did I know that this kid would wind up making my day. I get to his house, and for presents I brought him a video tape with about 5 matches on it, a JC Rage t-shirt and du-rag. So Lucas and his father tell me that I had to go see Lucas' room. I go upstairs and there are pictures of me wrestling everywhere. I was overwhelmed, I couldnt believe it, here I am a nobody in the wrestling business, but to this kid I was an icon. It made me feel great and for that Lucas I thank you!

So the days of JC Rage as an active wrestler are over. I was asked if I was sure about calling it quits and im 99% sure that it is time to call it a career. You can be never be 100% sure when it comes to the wrestling business, you just never know what can happen. But with the way I feel physically Im almost positive its time and Im making the right decision. I will be at shows though and maybe involved in a different way , just not as a wrestler.



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