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Welcome to the Website of the most intense Indy Wrestler to hit the scene in some time.

JC Rage announces retirement!

In what was supposed to be his career defining moment, JC Rage was scheduled to take on John "Balls" Mahoney on Dec. 4th in a extreme tables match. But doctors have told JC Rage not to wrestle on December 4th. JC Rage suffered a neck injury that has caused severe pain in his neck and numbness in his arms. Doctors have said that the injury in JC Rages neck would keep him out of action for at least 4-6 months. So when JC was told of the injury he got with those closest to him in and out of the business to discuss his options and has decided to call it a career.

JC cited numerous reasons why he wouldnt continue to be an active wrestler, but has also stated that he is not walking away from the business all together.

So on December 4th , at the Manasuan Elks Lodge, JC Rage will be in attendance but not as a wrestler , just as a spectator.

JC Rage takes a look back on his career in a very special edition of JC Rage Reflects.

JC also but his spin on the wrestling business, his opinion of certain workers, workers egos and and his thoughts about certain individuals in the wrestling business. Check Rages Ramblins for all the dirt!



November 30th,2004

New JC Rage Reflects

New Rages Ramblins


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its the size of the fight in the dog.


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