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Collage made by Coffeenole

May 6, 2011

Miss Elizabeth Pictures

Miss Elizabeth Pictures!!

Fan Tributes

Nay Nay tribute!

John Mikels tribute!

Peter Running Wolff tribute!!

Chrissy Hunt's Tribute!

Tracy's Tribute!

Tina Tribute!

Iceman's Tribute!

Laura's Tribute!

The Wrestling World Remembers Miss Elizabeth

People that knew her the best!!

Miss Elizabeth Timeline

Miss Elizabeth Timeline from 1983 to 2011 after her life!

Miss Elizabeth Features

Miss Elizabeth poem by John Mikels

Miss Elizabeth is well Respected, full of honor

and is the first true lady of wrestling with class.

She has touched so many, Angel on earth and now an

angel in Heaven, without a doubt, she is an angel in

our hearts. Many Years we have watched her grace the

sport of professional wrestling, from an innocent Lady

a Ringside to a legend in the History of Sports Entertainment.

GOD Is lucky to have an angel like Elizabeth by his Side

but it is sad to see her leave our side. Never will be

forgotten but we will miss her 4-EVER

Thank you for all the Memories.We'll Charish Them 4 EVER

Miss Elizabeth - November 19, 1960 to May 1, 2003

Hall of Fame Campaign

Hi, Everyone... I want to share with you that The Insane Plan is the first to become partners with Misselizabeth.com in efforts to help campaign the Late Miss Elizabeth to be in the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2012... on the Miss Elizabeth Hall of Fame section, you can contact any of the WWE Board of directors to protest your right for Miss Elizabeth to be inducted into the Hall of fame next year as we all know she deserves it for the time she spent entertaining us the fans for over 20 years

That would be your part in helping us help Miss Elizabeth be apart of history... if you own a web site please also check out there ad and add it to your site as Kevin the owner of the Misselizabeth.com will return the favor... Please show your support and protest your rights and thoughts about the Hall of fame.... the more the voices the more they'll hear us... Please show your support!!!
Click here if you want to show your support!

Life and death of Miss Elizabeth

John Mikels Tribute, Research, Hidden Facts, Opinions and the investigation to her Mystrey has been redone and updated with more info!

Miss Elizabeth Polls

Miss Elizabeth Videos

Elizabeth Links

Miss Elizabeth Myspace Page

Miss Elizabeth Facebook Page


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