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Neighbours Girls

Liljana Bishop Marcella Russo-2003
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Husband - David Bishop
Children - Serena Bishop
Lived at - Number 24, Ramsay Street. 38 (at time of presumed death) Occupation Secretary, Manager of the Helen Daniels Fund.

Liljana is the David Bishop’s Serbian wife. She moved to the street with her husband and daughter in 2003, when David was offered a job in Erinsborough. She soon realised that David and his father Harold, did not get on and tried to persuade them to smooth out their differences. Unfortunately they are still there, but she has persuaded them enough to allow them to all stay on at Harold’s house.

Although she was born and has always lived in Australia, Liljana comes from a very strong Serbian background, something which she is proud of. She is proud of her gypsy heritage and claims she has a sixth sense which allows her to use her to see people’s futures, something which has impressed the neighbours very much. Liljana’s mother is also very traditional in her Serbian ways and so to ensure that her daughter was treated with respect, it is said that she put a curse on David  on their wedding day, to ensure that she treated well at all times.

Liljana is very overprotective and loves her daughter Serena very much, but fails to see how much David spoils her. However her downfall is that she is sometimes too protective of Serena and fails to let her daughter make her own decisions.


Marcella Russo is an actor and voice-over artist who has been performing for many years in theatre, film and television. She has narrated many audio books and short stories and also performed in radio dramas and poetry readings for the ABC. Marcella is also a singer-songwriter whose work with her writing partnership, Swallow, has received several awards and been played on many local radio stations. She has been narrating audio books with Louis Braille Audio since 2001.

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