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Neighbours Girls

Serena Bishop _ Lara Sacher 2003

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Father - David Bishop
Mother - Liljana Bishop
Boyfriend / Scott
Lives at - Number 24, Ramsay Street Job - Student

Serena is the only child of David  and Liljana Bishop. Due to being an only child, David has spoilt her through much of her childhood, giving her money to spend whenever she pleases. Serena is adamant to stay away from her motherís gypsy background and doesnít understand why her cousin Sky finds it so interesting.

Serena is determined to get out and enjoy being a teenage Australian, but her motherís Serbian ways often cause conflicts between them when it comes to guys.
Since moving to Erinsborough, Serena has enrolled into Eden Girls High School, and through her manipulative ways, has managed to persuade her father to let her take up cello lessons. Her father was to pull her out of her private school when she skipped a day to visit Sky , but she manages to get what she wants and persuaded her father to let her stay.

Lost at sea. 18 (at time of assumed death)



The ambiguity of the Bishop's departure from Neighbours, which saw them lost at sea after the Lassiter plane crash, has lead to general speculation that the open exit could lead the way for their return.

The problems of the show, which have seen viewing figures slip despite efforts by the Neighbours team to shake things up, have increased the desire for the stability which was present during the Bishop's stay on the show.

Wikipedia inspired rumours suggest that Serena Bishop (who is played by Lara Sacher) could be reintroduced into the Neighbours cast list.

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