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Neighbours Boys

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Jarrod -'Toadfish'- Rebecchi (1996) Cyborg (1994)- Ryan Moloney



Taj Conner





Occupation: Coffee Shop assistant, barman, University DJ, Lassiter's Hotel staff, law student, Intern, lawyer

Residence: 22, 28, 30, 32 Ramsay Street

Related to: Kevin “Big Kev” & Angie Rebecchi (son), Kevin/“Stonefish” & Shane (brother), Tad, Scott, & Stingray (cousin)

Love interests: Charlie Thorpe _ Katrina Baylis, Karen Oldman  Maggie Hancock, Dee Bliss, Sindi Watts

Marital Status: Dee Bliss

Notable moment: Driving off a cliff on his wedding day  

Toadfish or Toadie is the youngest of 3 roguish brothers. Destined to follow in his older brothers footsteps Toadie was heading for trouble and possibly jail. When he found out that he had a high IQ he wasn't pleased at first as this meant he would be expected to start studying. It was only when his family moved away, leaving him with the Kennedy's that Toadie started to settle down. He finished school and went onto study law at Uni. Toadie is still a clown but he also knows when to be serious. He's not had much luck with the ladies, one girl almost got away with marrying him in order to obtain Australian citizenship. Toadie is every one's best mate.

 To a  1MB clip of him singing 0:36  ¦1MB Robot-Sindi 0:36  ¦ 968k Haircut  57 Seconds  

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 Home / Up  / Toby Mangel 1 - 2