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Neighbours Boys

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Taj all dressed up

Get a hair cut lad


Toadie Taj & Conner



Taj Coppin first appeared on Neighbours as Nina's secret admirer, although he denied sending her messages at first. He is also the brother of Tahnee Coppin, who almost split up Connor and Taj by blackmailing Connor and Nina over Connor's illiteracy and Nina's crush on Connor. When it was revealed that he was the mystery admirer, Nina was flattered - Taj was a very popular member of the football team. Nina and Taj embarked upon a relationship, which led to Nina becoming much more confident. Taj is under the impression that the relationship is going well, but ever since Nina shared a kiss with Jack Scully, she has become unsure of what to do concerning her relationship. This inadvertently led to a fight on the soccer field between Jack and Taj because Jack was jealous of Taj's relationship with Nina. When will Taj find out, and how will he react to this betrayal by Jack and Nina.
 Home / Up  / Teabag -John Teasdale_Philips Nathan-1999