This prayer should be done in the evening, between 3pm and dusk


"Hail Mother of the golden wheat, You of
plenty and fertile womb, breathe Thy blessing
upon my heart, nourish my soul
that I, too, may create the world with love.
Blessed Be."


Main Prayer

Inanna, Cybele, Demeter,
rejoice that son,
lover, daughter are reborn.
Small candles against the dark,
yet before them flees the night.
Turn, turn, again toward the Sun
and shake off Winter's weary hold.
Bleak death cannot command the Light.
The Dance, released, begins anew;
we return once more to life.


The sacredness of the season: what does it mean to you?


Daily Affirmation

In the Name of the All-Mother: I will be open to the joy of the season.

Closing Prayer

"Terra Mater, Mother of all life, I give
Thee thanks for Thy blessing -
the fruit of the vines, the fruit of my spirit;
life's abundance.
Blessed Be."