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General Activities

  • Sing pagan solstice carols
    • God Rest Ye Merry Pagan Folk
    • Deck the Halls
    • The Holy and the Ivy
    • Joy to the World
  • Ring bells to greet the Solstice Morning
  • String popcorn and cranberries and hang them on an outdoor tree for the birds.
  • Donate food and clothing to others.
  • Decorate the Solstice, or Yule, Tree.
  • Perform magic for a peaceful planet
  • Hang little bells on the Yule Tree to call the spirits and fairies.
  • Gather up the Yule greens after Twelfth Night and save. At Imbolc, burn the greens to banish winter and usher in spring.
  • Glue the caps onto acorns and attach red string to hang on the Yule Tree.
  • Decorate an oak Yule Log with ribbons, fir, yew, ivy, birch and holly.
  • Perform a "Mumming Play" with Traditional characters like the Hobby Horse, the Fool, King George, and the Black Knight to celebrate adversity.


Solitary Activities

  • Go to a Church. Before you all kick me and hurt me, hear me out. Christians celebrate the birth of the Son of their god at Christmas. Most pagans celebrate the birth of their Son of God(dess) at Yule. It is mostly the same thing.
  • Private Meditation on Traditional associtations of Yule. (ex. Birth, Rebirth and the Return of the Sun)
  • Private ritual Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter or Soup Kitchen.


Information Taken from College Wicca © Rhaevyn Sunrise


Group Activities

  • Have a "Yule" Party and exchange gifts with people in your group. Try to keep the cost of things down though, so no one's feelings get hurt.
  • Hold a Group Ritual or if your are active in the community host an Open Sabbat celebration.
  • Donate things to Homeless shelters or Battered Women's shelters. Give to people who would otherwise have nothing in this season of giving.
  • Volunteer at an Animal Shelter.
  • Smile. It's free, and it is the best gift of all.


Activities for Kids!!

  • Light Candles
  • Read stories with a Christmas/Yule theme. Try Meagan and the Winter Solstice by Kat Dyer
  • Talk about the history of Yule with your child(ren).
  • Let your child be your guide. Don't just start offering them a lot of information that they may or may not need to know. If they ask questions, give them simple, but honest answers.