Welcome to my ritual pages for Imbolc. These were especially challenging for me to come up with, but I managed! I've included some lovely rituals that I've found here and there, and few that are all my very own!

Thanks! Ravenna Angelline

Imbolc Circle Notes

  • Use a brown altar cloth to symbolize the Earth, and decorate with narcissus, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, or other seasonal flowering bulbs. Anoint white candles with musk oil and place them in ivy-covered candle rings. Burn Imbolc incense (from my incense recipes page!)
  • After casting the Circle with the wand, use the besom to sweep the perimeter. As you sweep, say:
    • "With this besom filled with power, Sweep away the old and sour. Sweep away the chill of death, As winter draws its last cold breath. Round, round, round about, Sweep the old and useless out!"
      • After libation, bless the candles for the coming months saying:
    • "I bless thee creatures of wax and light, and cast out negativity. Serve your pupose, flaming bright, infused with magick, you shall be. Instruments of light and strength, wic and wax though you may be, I give you life of needed length. To aid in creativity!"
  • Continue circle in the normal manner.


Imbolc Celebration Ideas

  • Turn on all the lights in the house for a few moments to guide the path of spring. If you like, burn a votive candle in each room instead.
  • Tie three small ears of corn together with a white satin ribbon, then wrap the bundle in a white doily to represent Brid. Use a clear quartz crystal point to represent the Young Lord. As you place them in the basket, say:
    • "The Maid and Lord now bring us light, The winter dies, and all is bright! And as They lie in bed so near, The frozen ground does disappear - For Their love brings fertility, To the Earth again; so mote it be!"
  • Burn all evergreen decorations from the Yule ritual. This ensures good luck in the coming year.
  • Tie small bundles of straw together with pieces of black ribbon. Name each bundle for something you want to remove from your life, then burn it in the cauldron.
  • After libation, walk outdoors for a few moments. Remember the warmth of spring. Then trace the male and female symbols (the symbols for Mars and Venus) on the ground and enclose them in a circle, say:
    • "Encased in Sun, Your light shall shine, And guide the spring toward greening time. And as your hearts both melt in love, To light grows stronger from above."