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Welcome, to the War Room!

This place was once known as Sanctuary. It contained some information on topics that I'm interested in, but it was spread too thin and had little real content. So I cut a few sections and now I'm focusing primarily on war games.

The Other World

I have been working on a role-playing game that I call the Other World. I borrowed ideas from just about every RPG that I've played and incorporate it into one game. Although the native world for the game is one of my own creation, based on Irish mythology, it is easily converted to other campaign worlds, namely AD&D worlds such as Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. (Sorry...not completed)

Boffer Swords

One of my favorite past times is fighting my friends with boffer swords. This is a short guide, explaining boffer weapons, with some links to other boffer weapon sites.

War Games

I live to war game. Nothing feels better than gunning down one of your friend's armies, or executing a really cunning plan, or whatever. This is (will be) probably one of the more extensive sections of my page.


Here are little tidbits and what not to amuse you. This section of my site will be perpetually updated as I find cool stuff.

Other Links

Some really cool stuff! Check it out!


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