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SkyeHi Bengal Kittens
SkyeHi ~Available~ Kittens

When kittens are not available, please Email me,to be placed on our waiting list.
Or call 360-837-3394/Leave message

I have some beautiful kittens available

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Deposit Agreement ` Adoption Agreement


The Bengal, as with all registered cats, are placed in three different categories:
  • Pet
  • Breeder
  • Show
~Pet kittens are to be altered, neutered or spayed. There are no breeding privileges.~
Most people are not interested in breeding, and are only looking for a pet. As the Bengal is a relatively new breed, the alter contract on pet kittens helps keep the lines pure and unwanted kittens off of the street and out of the pound.

Pet price varies, please see each individual kitty.

~Breeder kittens are offered with breeding rights and will only be placed in breeder homes registered with The International Bengal Cat Society and The International Cat Association.~

Breeder prices start at $1000.00
New breeder inquirys welcome.

Show kittens that are exceptional examples of the breed are offered with breeding rights and show rights to breeder/show homes registered with TIBCS and TICA.~

Show quality kittens to serious show homes only.

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