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SkyeHi Deposit Agreement
SkyeHi Deposit Agreement

Pet Deposit $100.00 Breeder Deposit $200.00

The purpose of the deposit is to insure the Purchaser's intent to purchase the below described kitten/cat. It is not refundable should the purchaser, for any reason, change his/her mind about purchasing the kitten/cat prior to the initial veterinarian examination described in the Sale contract. The kitten/cat is being held for the Purchaser and will not be sold to any other buyer, regardless. A breech of contract, either verbal, written or through neglect or avoidance to communicate, on Purchaser's part can jeopardize the chance of finding the below said kitten/cat a new home as quickly as possible. For this reason deposits are not refundable, to insure Purchaser's commitment to purchase the said kitten/cat, pay the balance due as indicated and to accept delivery at that time or pay a boarding fee.

The purpose of the Deposit Agreement also serves a s a guarantee for the amount of deposit. The amount of deposit will be refunded to the Purchaser if the Seller fails to make available the above said kitten/cat to Purchaser. However, Seller reserves the option to offer a replacement kitten/cat and Purchaser is intitled to accept or decline.

Kittens are ready to go at 10-12 weeks of age. Should the buyer request that the kitten be held for a period beyond 14 days after this time, a boarding charge of $1.00 per day will be accrued, unless specific arrangements to the contrary have been made between parties.

Description of *Kitten/cat:__________________________________________________

Sex:________________ Color:______________________ Birthdate:_________________



*Agreed Sale Price:_____________________________

**Please contact me first, regarding the above information, when you are ready to send in a deposit, I will give you the mailing info.

Buyer Name:________________________________________________________




E-mail address:_________________________________________________________________ Date:______________________

Seller: SkyeHi Bengals/Lynne Green

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