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SkyeHi Bengals About SkyeHi
About SkyeHi

Raised in England, I grew up working on horse ranches. My love for animals began early in age and after moving to America my commitment to animals increased in numerous ways. I attempted many rigorous 9 to 5 jobs, but to no avail. My passion was for animals, so I worked at pet stores, vet clinics, volunteered at wild life rescue centers, and more horse ranches.  I even taught dog obedience lessons and I currently have a pet sitting business.
After becoming familiar with the bengal breed from other bengal people, I decided that since I wanted to purchase a bengal cat, I would indeed become a breeder. I feel that I have an extensive knowledge of animals as well as a devoted love, therefore I sincerely want to contribute to the growth, education, and acknowledgment of the beautiful bengal cat breed.
The Cattery:
When I reached 10 adult Bengals, I knew I was at the point where a cattery had to be built. So I stole the horses barn :-) and converted it. Indoor runs are done, outdoor runs are planned to be finished before winter. This is a fully contained building with heat and air conditioning, running water, etc. It is basically an extention of my home, as I spend just as much time in both. Alot of work has gone into the cattery, and I am very proud of the outcome, especially since I built all the cages myself.. The cats have lots of room and are very comfortable. Still to be added to the indoor runs are various shelfs and hammocks. All cats get hands on attention every day. I make a point of holding everyone, and cooing over them, everyday.
(Tough job, but someone has to do it..)

Kittens are raised in the house.

SkyeHi is a registered breeder with TIBCS and a registered Cattery with TICA & UFO.
We are located in Washougal, in Washington State.
SkyeHi also raises Australian Shepherds!! Puppies in 2004.

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