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The Next Generation


Ariel Williams: The only daughter of Julian and River, now mourning a dead mother and doing her best to accept the destiny God and her father both tell her lies ahead of her and live up to what both her fathers need her to be.
Chris Thompson-Washington: A male twin born to Maya and Bradshaw and a full-blooded werewolf who’s already gone through his first change, Chris will face the toughest challenge of his life before living up to his destiny of joining the pitched battle against the Wyrm; surviving high school.
Frankie Thompson-Wahsington: Chris’s fraternal twin sister, Frankie lacks the amazing ability to take the dreaded form of the werewolf, but she has been gifted with the powers of “The Messengers” as a more than formidable alternative. Like her twin, she is destined to be a great hunter of evil.
Lindsey Walker: Lindsey is the only son of Surge’s ex-wife and former compatriot in The Hunt, Johnnie Annabelle Walker. Upon Johnnie’s death though, Surge has taken Lindsey in as his surrogate son in an effort to continue Lindsey’s training and make sure he lives up to his explosive and skilled namesake.
Sandra Evans: The darkest and most mysterious of the new generation, Sandra is damaged goods. The result of Vanessa’s rape at the hands of Ray and left to be raised by an elderly couple that didn’t understand the deep scars that had yet to heal. With the death of her Godparents, she has come to live with her much older brother and begin the long road of healing that lies ahead of her.
Johnas Little: Jonass is the cousin of Linsdey Walker and a budding mage. His Magical talents lie mostly within the realm of the essoteric. Johnas is at least as eccentric as Lindsay, a fact emphasized by his use of, quite literally, "every drug known to mankind." Lindsey and Johnas are amazingly close friends and kin, disturbingly close if you ask the other teens of the group.
"Trent": Trent is a young mage that attends Christopher Columbus High School with the rest of the teens and has fallen into hanging out with them and helping to save the world when it come us. He's low key enough that he places both those activities on about the same level of importance, and both well behind his music and sex.
Mica Roshenka: The son of Svetta and Vasily, two of Julian's former compatriates on Team Alpha, Mica is a reluctant participant in this extended group. A friend of Ariel's and a former signifigant other of both Sandra and Lindsey, he's more guilty by association than by action. Though he is a werewolf by virtue of his birth, his future as a lawyer and his social card for the weekend both rank far above any thoughts of saving the world.
Jamie Barcroft: Jamie's a bit out of place in this group, though she's doing her best to fit in. Jamie has known that she is a Corax, were-raven, for only a few months and recieved her only counseling on the matter from Mica, her first love. Her parents are unaware of her true nature and she hopes the remain that way. Despite her naivety in the way of supernatural affairs and her desire for secrecy, her friendship with Ariel and Franky has brought her to try her hand with the "hunters".
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