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Julian "Surge" Williams

Though he certainly doesn’t look it, Julian Williams was born some 80 years ago. A aberration of nature and a portent of the end of days, Julian is the son of a vampire, two vampires even. He was conceived the night his father, Troy Williams, returned to his wife to say good-bye and the passionate few hours Vanessa and Troy spent together before Troy left. Troy had been embrace by the Sabbat just a few nights earlier and had snuck away to bid his true love good-bye forever. Leaving for what should have been the last time, Troy never knew he had a son on the way, and never expected it was even possible. Those that embraced him knew though, and 10 months later, the child having been born, those that had made Troy come to his home to finish off the only two beings that still tied Troy to his lingering humanity. That night Troy supposedly gave his life to save Vanessa. Arriving at his house moments too late and seeing Vanessa on deaths door with the baby Julian in her arms, Troy embraced his near dead wife and helped he flee the watchful eyes of the vampires he’d fallen in with. Times became even harder for Julian’s mother, and she was eventually forced by circumstance to hand Julian over to Syphon (known to Vanessa and Julian as Victor Van Fleet), a friend of the family who promised to bring Julian up and protect him. Syphon did indeed protect Julian, though he also took advantage of the orphaned boy’s hatred of vampires and began training him to be the ultimate hunter of the night. Julian’s supernatural blood, inherited from his father and mother, proved the lynchpin in this drive, fueling his anger, strength, and speed in equal amounts. Julian, now calling himself Surge, grew up and became an exceedingly skilled hunters, beginning his career in his late teens and hunting to this very day, more than 60 years for those that are counting. He’s served in two wars and lived through multiple cultural shifts. In these ways, he’s at times closer to the kindred he hates than the humans he hunts with. Over the years, Surge’s vampiric side has grown even stronger, nearly tripling his power and his temper along with it. The changes have become so advance now, that while Surge possesses more might than even some old vampires, he also reflects some of their flaws to lesser degrees, fearing the pain of the midday sun and lusting for the blood of those nearest him. It is in this way the Surge lives apart from those he wants so much to protect. Secluding himself as a recluse in his New England compound and avoiding the world he tries daily to save. When given the choice to gain back his humanity at the expense of his power though, Surge has refused, seeing his own monstrosity a necessary price in the war against the evils of the night.