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Sandra Denise Evans

When her mother, Vanessa, was murdered just a month after her birth, Sandra had very few places she could go. Ray, her father, the very murderer of her mother, was presumed dead at the hands of her brother, Julian, and the rest of the Hunter team. Jack, her stepfather, distraught over the death of his love, Vanessa, was near the edge of a mental breakdown and refused any responsibility for the girl. Two elderly humans, friends of Vanessaís from the South West, finally decided to take charge of the girl. They raised her till she was about 14 years old, and then they were murdered by her as the Beast took over her mind for the first of many times. Seeing the destruction she had wrought, even if unintentionally, Sandra fled, though not to her brother as she probably should have. Instead, Sandra fled across the country, making her way and a living as best she could, which amounted to miserably. Finally, with few other options if she hoped to survive, she arrived on Julianís doorstep. Since her arrival she has proven to be an adept Hunter but a poor excuse for a functioning human being. Though she has been of great help to her friends and family on the battle field, even saving them from time to time, she has proven to be an absolute terror at home, causing deep rifts on a daily that may never heal with the very people she stands beside in life and death situations each night. In a last hope to salvage any chance at friendships with her family and those close to her, she has left Miami. Now, wandering again, Sandra hopes to find what she lost on her first wandering, some semblance of a normal life and the human emotions she has spent so many years ridding herself of.