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the green lantern coffeehouse

The Green Lantern Coffeehouse | Links

This is a cross-section of some the talent that has graced our stage (at least ones with websites). If you are, or know of, someone who has played here...please email that website to the address below.


Jack Norton (Mullet River, MW)
The Rumble Pups (Winona)
Billy X Curmano & the New X Art Ensemble (Rushford/Winona, MN)
Patrick Wolfe (Winona / Fountain City, WI)
Capt. Beau Inman & Throw Lines (Winona-area)
Straight To Your Brain (Winona)
Joshua Jacobs(Winona/Duluth)
Rock Bottom (Winona)
Froseph (Winona)
Beet Root Stew (Winona)
Lacuna Beach (Winona/Mpls) (feat. members of New X and the Endtime Quartet)
*click this for a live clip of Lacuna Beach at the Lantern
Megan and Jodi (Winona)
Ed Lagace' (Winona/Fountain City, WI)
John Bernadot (Winona/Homer, MN)
Chris Kendall and/or this Kendall site (Winona)
Betsy Neil (Winona)
Trevor Marty & Dedrick Benz (from MotMot) (Winona/Rochester)
Suarez the Punisher bka Comrade Cosmonaut (Winona)
Sui Conrad (artist f/ La Crescent)
Menthol (artist f/ Winona)
Meghan Geiger (artist f/ Wino)
Alex Stevens (?)

Oxbow Boys (Minnesota River / Mankato, MN)
Charlie Parr (Duluth, MN)
Ben Weaver ("Northwoods", MN)
Larry Penn (Milwaukee, WI)
Stickey Nickel/aka Tom Feldmann (Mpls, MN)
Rob Reid (Chicago, IL)
anne elizabeth moore(Chicago via Seattle)
Kreg Viesselman (Lanesboro, MN)
James Travis (Madison, WI)
Chris Koza (Mpls, MN)
Ivan Okay aka Ivan Klipstein (Madison, WI)
James Dean Hall (Lanesboro, MN)
Heidi Howes (Ashland, WI)
Southerly (Madison, WI))
The Halberg's (Marquette, IA)
Speed of Light(Holmen, WI)
Sterling Waters(Duluth, MN)
Teague Alexy with Medication(Duluth, MN)
No Small Wonder (Minneapolis)
Accident Waiting to Happen (SE MN)
Erin Jordan (Chicago)
Them Damn Kids (Chicago)
the VegetableMen (Rochester,MN)
Mike Midwestern (St.Paul, MN)
Teague Alexy (Duluth, MN)
the Rev. Eddie Danger (Stevens Point, WI)
Cam Waters (Rochester, MN)
Sara Softich (Duluth, MN)
Colony of Watts (Madison, WI)
Norouis (Mankato, MN)
Tom Robinson (St.Paul, MN)
Electric Joyride (Mpls, MN)
The Pines (Iowa City/Minneapolis)
Jeff Mitchell (Decorah, Iowa)
Lonesome Dan Kase (Mpls, MN)
Randall Throckmorton (St.Paul, MN)
Dreamland Faces (Minneapolis)
Tom Siler of Larmes de Colere (Minneapolis)
Rachel Ries (Chicago)
Old Seed (Winnipeg, Manitoba..that's in Canadia)
Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin (Springfield, MO)
Big Ditch Road (Minneapolis, MN)
Martin Devaney (Mpls,MN)

Sandman (Montana via Olympia, WA)
Dennis Driscoll (Olympia, WA)
Moustaches (Olympia/Ellensburg, WA)
The Pasties (Oly, WA)
the Blackberry Bushes (Oly, WA)
Baby Gramps (Seattle, WA)
Protest Hill (Portland, OR)
Le Ton Mite' (Olympia, WA)
the Wanteds (Portland, OR)

The Dolly Ranchers (Santa Fe, NM / PDX, OR)
Anne Feeney (Pittsburgh, PA)
Chris Chandler (Wash.DC, US of Generica)
Wolf Colonel/Jason Anderson (New Hampshire / Omaha)
anarcha kate (Arizona, we think?)
Cheating Kay (Kansas City, MO)
Ethan Daniel Davidson(Detroit, MI)
Doug Wood(Cleveland, OH)
Skidmarks/Dreamland Faces/Andy McCormick(Rochester, NY)
The Conversation (El Paso, TX)
Eric Sommer (Wash.DC)
Bob & Diana Suckiel (Kansas City, MO)
Pamela Wyn Shannon (aka Leaf) (old New England)
Eileen Hazel (Berkeley, CA)
Dave Lippman & George Shrub (SF,NC,NJ,WA)
Wheels of Justice (wherever bio-diesel takes them)
Evan Greer (riot-folk collective, Boston)
Radio Jetstream (Denver, CO)
Jason Downing of Blues Is Blood (Fort Collins, CO)
Heidi Elise Wirz (artist f/ San Francisco)
*YOUR NAME HERE (your turf here)
and many many more (no mandy moore)...

Friends and Allies:

Everland Collective(Winona)
Down n Dirty Bike Club(Winona)
Winona Food Not Bombs(duh)
Winona Farmers Market
Sustain Winona
Winona Catholic Worker
Winona Arts Center (again, duh)
Great River Shakespeare Festival (Winona)
Theatre du Mississippi (Winona)
Winona County Green Party(yes, Winona)
Winona Area Peacemakers(Winona, again)
Tsuyoshi Asanagi aka "Yoshi"(Winona)
Bluff Country Co-op (Winona)
Blue Heron C'House(Winona)
Signatures (Winona)
Red Cap Records
Weird Winonans
MN Tesla Society
McLooney Tunes (Winona)
Cream Corn Wrestling (the Republic of Latsch Island)
Winona County Historical Society
Winona Clown Club
Winona Earth Day
Feel Good Festival
Winona Free Store
Minnesota Marine Art Museum(Winona)

My Town Pictures(local--feat. our friends and the Lantern sometimes)
David Eberhardt's "Long Gone" (trainhopping) & "Burn This Boat" (river hobos)
Wal*Mart: the High Cost of Low Price

The Clown Lounge(St. Paul, MN) *RIP
K Records(Olympia, WA)
Circus Ridiculous
Beaners Central (Duluth, MN)
Oak Center General Store (near Lake City, MN)
Bicyle Jim
Critical Mass
(we like what they're doing at Jules' Coffee House in LaCrosse, Cheap Thrills in St.Cloud, Red Raven in Fargo, The Amp in Minot, the Coffee Hag in Mankato--so if you're looking for cool spots in mid-sized midwest towns...try these)
(we've also been told that we have a lot in common with Le Voyeur in Olympia WA, the Radio Bean in Burlington VT, and a combo of Hard Times Collective Cafe in Minneapolis and the Clown Lounge in St.Paul)

Artists you should see at all costs:
(and who we have crushes on,
and would love to have here dearly)
Kimya Dawson
Phil aka the Microphones/Mt.Eerie
Kyle aka Little Wings
Arrington and/or Old Time Relijun
Bitch (of Bitch and Animal)
Bonfire Madigan
Joanna Newsom
Neil Hamburger(America's Funny Man)
Drummer (w/ Kickball and/or The Strangers)
Scream Club
Bill Brown (filmmaker)
the Dolomites (reunited)
Reverend Glasseye
MC Paul Barman
Witness, DJ Atarax, and Unsung.
the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
Jason Webley
Captured By Robots
Shannon Murray
Desert Rat--where are you? (where is he?)
Jonathan Richman--is this possible?
and for impossibility sake, the Polyphonic Spree!

P.S.--if you are listed above, please hit us up when you hit the road... we know we forgot your name...we do...we just aren't thinking of you when we type this stuff in...WE DO WANT YOU TO PLAY HERE TOO!


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