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the green lantern coffeehouse

The Green Lantern Coffeehouse | Menu & Hours

This is a great place to catch superb performances, grab a couple of drinks and a bite to eat.

Now available for rental, use our unique space for private parties, wedding rehearsals, family fun get-togethers, workshops, meetings, and whatever else your imagination desires. If you would like your event catered, we currently work with SIGNATURES restaurant (507.454.3767). We always have something special on hand for our many outstanding musical events. Stop in and try some local flavor.

Soon to be voted the best restaurant in the world!

wine, beer, coffee, soda, soup, sandwiches, fresh salads, etc.--we strive for a modestly priced menu with an emphasis on vegetarian , fair-trade, local, and organic products.

*This menu is always changing...stop in or call for specifics.

cold soup and warm beer, goodbye ye'all


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