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the green lantern coffeehouse

Dr. Bob's Puppet Cabaret


! Tacos and Puppets galore at the Feel Good festival in Amherst WI

This weekend. August 10th 11th and 12th

Dr. Bob and his crew of strange gypsys will delight audiences young and younger with "HOT LAVA" puppet theatre.See you at the festival.

Dr. Bob currently in the Swamp, researching the exotic creatures which will inhabit his strange rendition of Wild Bill Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights dream"

Contact him at Dr. Bob puppetmaster or

R.I.P. Green Lantern Coffeehouse

APRIL 13th "Psychic surgery" JBs Speakeasy in Lax, WI this will be a super freaky rock and roll event!

APRIL 28th With Megan and The Sandman, Dr. Bob's "circus De wacco" Down & Dirty B.C. Winona underground

MAY 5th at the Big Block 237 Humbolt Ave. North Minneapolis with Diesel on the rocks and First communion afterparty "Circus De Wacco" puppet show

Dr. Bobs puppet "Circus De Wacco" is on tour this summer, Winona steamboat days, Dragon Festival,St. Paul Puppet Rampage and The Feel Good festival in Amherst WI,Seats are filling up fast, get on the boat.

For 17 years Robert Armstrong (b.k.a. Dr. Bob) has been performing and creating marionette and rod puppet theatre. From custom design to Birthday parties for the little ones, Haunted houses to candyland. Dr. Bob has a puppet show or puppet to please or disturb just about anyone. Check out the pictures and if you like pop me an email.

Stop by the little top this summer and enjoy the art of puppetry as only Dr. Bob can deliver.


April 15th--Dr.Bob's Psychic Surgery @ Holzinger Lodge
FEB.14TH (St.Valetine's Eve)--"Scorned Woman" puppet play, with Lonesome Dan Kase and Signatures catering.
Jan. 7th--puppet jokes w/ live music
Jan. 14th--how much is that puppet in the window?
Jan. 28th--"Candyland" (adult content)
"Hot Lava"--weekends in June.

Wild Bill Shakespeare's "A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM"
Sat. July 30th--MSND @ the Lantern, 9pm & 11pm.
(performances also on command and on tour--catch a show at the BBQ, yard, or the now infamous Festival of the Swamp!)

August 12th/13th--FeelGood Festival STEVENS POINT (actually Amherst), WI

August 20th--wedding at Wiscoy Valley Land Cooperative

Fri. & Sat. Sept. 2 & 3rd--"Pillow Talk" with Dr.Bob's "Circus de Wacco" puppet show. WSU Dept. of Theatre & Dance, w/ the Wenonah Players. 7:30pm (but get there early), free, 2 days. Black Box Theatre @ WSU's Performing Arts Center.

Sept. 17 & 18th--Winona Heritage Fair, scattered in and amongst Levee Park and the Winona County Historical Society.

Oct. 27th & 28th: Nosferatu @ the Lantern.
Thursday show at 9pm (safe for all-ages)
Friday--2 shows, 8pm & 11pm.

"A Christmas Carol" Puppet Show
(xmas shows are all-ages, $3, at 8pm)

"Have strings-will travel." Commissions, custom puppet design, theatre, and artistic direction services available. Performance on command ($). Call or e-mail for booking.

Dr.Bob's Puppetry has been performed locally at the Winona Public Library, Winona County Historical Society/Armory Museum, Third St. Hi-Fi, the Winona Arts Center, the Victorian Fair/now called , the annual Cream Corn Wrestling on Latsch Island, Winona State University's Performing Arts Center, and special "cast & crew" shows for the Great River Shakespeare Festival. Favorite out-of-town gigs include: the Clown Lounge in St.Paul, the Puppetry Art Center in Minneapolis, The Cell in San Francisco, the Planet Theater in Austin Texas, the Congress Hotel in Tucson Arizona, and the streets of New Orleans in general.

Dr. Bob has performed both original and "cover" puppet shows including: Nosferatu, Dracula, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Pirate Island, Tom Sawyer, Hot Lava, Area 51 Revisited, A Christmas Carol, Love is a Rabid Dog from Hell, Leprechaun Lunacy, Scrambled Eggs, Who Stole My Burro?!, Psychic Surgery, Circus de Wacco, the Tales From the Swamp series and many many more.

(*them up thar's a dozen of the doctor's creations)


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