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Leo Enterprises Tree, Shrub & Bush Trimming Services

Our Motto: "Be A Job, Big or Small, Do It Well Or Not At All".

We Specialize In The Small Jobs.

Our goal is to provide the best quality landscapes around Hampton Roads, our motto (above). With us on the job you can be assured that all your landscape needs will be taken care of in a timely and professional manner.
And you'll be surprised to find that our rates are very competitive, possibly the lowest in the area..

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We have the equipment and skill necessary to get most overgrown hedges and shrub material back under control for you. Once the plants are back in manageable shape, we will be happy to either instruct you as to how to keep them properly trimmed yourself, or put you on our maintenance service schedule.

We also do tree trimming and removal
Have Tree's To Trim or Remove?
We Can Cut or Trim Your Trees

This is our Most Recent Tree We Trimmed in Haygood.
Tree Removal and Trimming

Here is the "After" shot. This customer is on a Friday Service Schedule. The yard is freshly cut and cleaned up. Looks good doesn't it!!

Thanks for the pictures Mrs. Brooks.

With my Trusty Bronco and my Little Red Wagon in the Back Ground.
That is me, Norman Fisher and my Son in this picture.

Basic tree service includes adjusting lower branch line; clearing branches away from roofs as needed. Removing stubbed branches and major deadwood; trimming out unneeded sucker branches; and we can custom shape bushes or shrubbs if needed. Custom Shaping is a little more expensive but, well worth it.

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We offer a Variety of Services to Satisfy all your Home or Yard Maintenance Needs.
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