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Leo Enterprises Seasonal Services for Hampton Roads

Our Motto: "Be A Job, Big or Small, Do It Well Or Not At All".

We Specialize In The Small Jobs.

Our goal is to provide the best quality landscapes around Hampton Roads, our motto (above). With us on the job you can be assured that all your landscape needs will be taken care of in a timely and professional manner.
And you'll be surprised to find that our rates are very competitive, possibly the lowest in the area..

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Seasonal Services

Here is a month by month schedule of services available to help ensure a beautiful yard.
  • Leaf Removal (Push to Completion)
  • Turf Edging
  • Blowing of all Paved Areas & Debris Removal (Total Clean-Up)
  • Tree Sucker Removal
  • Post-Emergence Weed Control
  • Start Tree Raising
  • Start Winter Pine Straw Mulching After Leaf Removal
  • Fertilize/Weed/Deadhead Flowers (As Needed)
  • Turf Pre-Emergence
  • Final Leaf Removal
  • Tree Raising of Limbs
  • Fertilize/Weed/Deadhead Flowers (As Needed)
  • Round-Up of Fescue in Bermuda Turf
  • Pine Straw Mulch Applications
  • Post-Emergence Weed Control Turf & Beds
  • Crape Myrtle Pruning
  • Liriope Cut Back
  • Deep Pruning of Shrubs
  • Turf Scalping (Bermuda Only)
  • Turf Fertilization of Fescue
  • Weed-Eat/Round-Up Fescue in Bermuda Turf
  • Tree Raising & Sucker Removal
  • Turf Pre-Emergence Pesticides
  • Turf Post-Emergence Herbicides
  • Fertilize/Weed/Deadhead Flowers As Needed
  • Liriope Cut Back
  • Final Deep Pruning of Shrubs
  • Pine Straw Applications
  • All Liriope & Pampas Grass Cut Back
  • Turf Scalping (Bermuda Only)
  • Weed & Deadhead Flowers As Needed
  • Final Mulch Applications
  • Bed Pre-Emergence Herbicides
  • Remove Dead Limbs From Small Trees
  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization
  • Rose Bush Pruning
  • Final Pruning of Crape Myrtle
  • Turf Fertilizer (High Nitrogen, Slow Release)
  • Turf Post-Emergence Herbicides
  • Shrub Pruning As Needed
  • Spring Start-Up of Irrigation System
  • Inspect Trees, Turf & Shrubs for Insects Disease/Treat As Needed
  • Start Spring Flower Installation
  • Begin Full-Scale Turf Mowing & Trimming
  • Mitocides/Iron on Junipers
  • Turf Mowing
  • Fertilize/Weed/Deadhead Flowers As Needed
  • Turf Edging
  • Turf Post-Emergence Weed Control As Needed
  • Turf and Bed Trimming
  • Treat any Turf or Shrub/Insect or Disease Infestation As Necessary
  • Pruning of Shrubs As Needed
  • Fertilize any Turf Exhibiting Poor "Green-Up" (Use Iron for Greener Color)
  • Complete Flower Installation
  • Mitocides/Iron on "Non-Green" Junipers
  • Turf Fertilization (Slow Release)
  • Turf Mowing
  • Turf Post-Emergence Weed Control As Needed
  • Turf Edging
  • Fertilize/Weed/Deadhead Flowers As Needed
  • Bed Trimming
  • Fertilize Azaleas
  • Shrub Pruning as Needed
  • Prune Azaleas after Blooms Drop
  • Inspect Trees, Turf & Shrubs for Insects & Disease Treat As Needed
  • Fertilize/Weed/Deadhead Flowers As Needed
  • Turf Mowing
  • Turf Post-Emergence Weed Control As Needed
  • Turf Edging
  • Treat Disease Incidence As Necessary
  • Bed Trimming and Weeding
  • Finish Fertilizing Azaleas
  • Shrub Pruning As Needed
  • Finish Pruning Azaleas After Blooms Drop
  • Turf Fertilization (Light)
  • Turf Mowing
  • Bed Edging and Weeding
  • Turf Edging
  • Turf & Bed Post-Emergence Pesticides (Spot Treatment)
  • Remove Tree Suckers
  • Shrub Pruning As Necessary
  • Soil Samples Taken Where Needed
  • Fertilize/Weed/Deadhead Flowers As Needed
  • Check trees for Insects, Treat As Necessary
  • Inspect Turf & Shrubs for Insects & Disease Treat As Needed
  • Turf Mowing
  • Turf Edging & Trimming
  • Turf Weed Control Post Emergence As Needed (Spot Treatments)
  • Lime Turf if Requested
  • Tree & Shrub Fertilizing (Well Balanced Fertilizer)
  • Bed Edging & Trimming
  • Treat Disease & Insect Incidence As Needed in Shrubs/Turf
  • Fertilize/Weed/Deadhead Flowers As Needed
  • Aerate/Overseed Fescue Areas As Needed (Wheat Straw Thin Areas)
  • Fertilize All Turf with High Potassium Fertilizer
  • Begin Leaf Removal
  • Shrub Pruning & Shaping
  • Fall Annual Flowers Planted As Requested
  • Turf Mowing
  • Treat Disease & Insect Incidence As Needed
  • Turf Edging
  • Finish Fall Turf Fertilization (High Potassium)
  • Complete Fall Aeration
  • Finish Fertilizing All Trees & Shrubs (Balanced Fertilization)
  • Overseed Fescue Areas As Needed
  • Spot Mowing
  • Leaf Removal
  • Turf Edging
  • Shrub Pruning As Needed (Deep Prune)
  • Turn Off Irrigation System & Winterize
  • Fall Post-Emergence Weed Control As Needed (Turf & Shrubs)
  • Fertilize/Weed/Deadhead Flowers As Needed

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