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Leo Enterprises Lawncare Services of Virginia Beach

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Leo Enterprises, Inc.
5476 Chatham Lake Dr.
Va. Beach, Va. 23464
Phone: 757-467-9713   Fax: 757-467-9460   Mobile: 757-576-5361

The Following Services Include Grass Cutting, Edging, String Trimming around all structures and Blow off Porches, Driveways, Curbs, etc, Leaving no grass clippings behind for a Professional Finish. Like we were never there.
We Mow on a weekly basis unless otherwise instructed.

Our Service Programs

We always provide programs built on personal service, a price and value you'll feel very good about, a company commitment to building a turf you'll love, and results that are in harmony with your expectations. I guarantee it!

Norman L. Fisher III, President/OwnerCEO

Norman Fisher of Leo Enterprises, Inc. has been Protecting Health, Life and Property in the Tidewater Area for over 6 years.

Leo Enterprises three Tidewater area service plans
Leo Enterprises three Tidewater area service plans
Program Designs and Specifications
We have designed 2 Lawncare Programs to meet a variety of budgets and expectations. All work will be done on a timely basis throughout the growing season. We GUARANTEE Professional Results, probably for less than doing the work yourself, not to mention freeing your time for other things, Family, Fun, Relaxation. Professional lawn care means doing the right thing at the right time, the "First Time", in a skilled manner, and being attentive and responding properly if the unexpected should arise.

Service Program #1
As an Program #1 customer, you get the ultimate in service. Don't worry about a thing, we'll see that your yard looks like a golf course. Monthly applications and inspections throughout the growing season, and apply the exact materials your lawn needs at the right times.
Leo Enterprises Program #1 Tidewater area service plan

The following services are included with Program #1:
  • Fertilization and broadleaf weed controls
  • Insect and grubworm control
  • Outdoor flea control
  • Pre and postemergent crabgrass controls
  • Treatments for disease control
  • Aeration for building a stronger root system and control of thatch
  • Overseeding as needed to fill in bare spots and build a thick luscious lawn (fall)
  • Lime treatments
  • Soil analysis and testing
  • Control of unwanted weeds and grasses on driveways, patios and sidewalks

Service Program #2
To meet the basic needs of your lawn we will perform an aeration plus five applications at 6-8 week intervals through the growing season of
  • Fertilizer
  • Weed controls
  • Preemergent crabgrass controls
  • Insect controls for surface feeding insects
  • Optional service as needed
  • Aeration to reduce soil compaction and increase water and fertilizer circulation and natural decomposition of the thatch layer.
Leo Enterprises Program #2 Tidewater area service plan
Thus, Leaving You Time To Enjoy Your Loved Ones!!
We Take Care Of Your Lawn, So You Don't Have To!!

We offer a Variety of Services to Satisfy all your Home or Yard Maintenance Needs.
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