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Hampton Roads Discount Mulching Services

    * Mulch provides many purposes in a Hampton Roads landscape.
*  It can Beautify; Keep Weeds Away, Prevent Erosion.
* Mulching Will Also Regulate Soil Temperature. However, one large advantage, other than the noticeable beautification of your property, is water conservation. The ground loses water through evaporation.
* The money you spend with Leo Enterprises on a good mulch will soon be recovered on your water bill.
* You won't have to water as often. Plus, you will have spare time to enjoy your family or a favorite activity.
   * We Specialize In Grass Cutting, Bush and Shrub Trimming, Spring-Fall-Winter-Storm-Yard Clean Up,
Landscaping, Painting, General Repairs and Maintenace. No Job To Small.

We Use Only The Best Quality Mulch
Here are the Different Grades of Mulch We Use.

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We Take Care Of Your Yard, So You Donít Have To!

Flower bed borders and mulching not only enhance the beauty of your property, but help keep unwanted grasses out. Let Leo Enterprises, Inc. create a border for you with, brick, Anchor Wall System, landscape timbers, steel edging, or the border of your choice.
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We offer a Variety of Services to Satisfy all your Home or Yard Maintenance Needs.
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