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sa-ga'cious (są-gį-shūs), (of animals) keen-scented; hence discerning sensible; keen-witted; shrewdly intelligent - otherwise known as AIREDALE

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Ch. Joykl Spic N' Span x Misty Moore's Screaming Demon


Special Links

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Ch. Sagacious B' Liza With A Z
Ch. Terrydale Int'l Affair x Ch. Terrydale Victor Victoria
American Airedale Terrier Club
American Airedale Terrier Club Hunting & Working
Lone Star Airedale Terrier Club
American Kennel Club
Your Animal's Health - with Dr. Wendell O. Belfield
Orthopedic Foundation of America
Dog & Cat Books
Natural Rearing
Just Neat Stuff
Bones & Raw Food
Dog Logic
B-Naturals Holistic
Alternative Veterinary Medicine
Natures Pet
Clicker Training
Dog Ads
Bobbye and Star's Home Page     (Liza & Howie's Brother)
Dog Parks
Sagacious Dog Country

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